Haethen Kaul is the leader of the Twilight's Hammer clan in the Masters' Gate area of Deepholm, hovering in a blue pillar of light in the rocky overlook upon the Twilight Terrace[39.9, 62.1]
. He directs his followers in unearthing the waygate that leads to Uldum, paving the way for Deathwing to enter and claim a powerful titan weapon. Even so, he reminds his followers that they "serve a higher power", presumably the Old Gods.

Haethen is also siphoning the power from several bound elementals imprisoned by his cultists.

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Some telling quotes...

Haethen Kaul yells: It is true that we serve Deathwing, but we also serve a higher power. Never forget that!
Haethen Kaul yells: The titan Waygate is almost opened. We will assist the Tol'vir to reconfigure Uldum and bring about the end of all life on Azeroth!

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