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Neutral 32 Haal'eshi
Den of Haal'esh
Den of Haal'esh
Main leaderAvruu
Race(s)IconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa
Base of operationsDen of Haal'esh, Haal'eshi Gorge
Theater of operationsHellfire Peninsula

The Haal'eshi are a group of arakkoa found at Den of Haal'esh and Haal'eshi Gorge in Hellfire Peninsula.

Honor Hold is having a problem with them raiding many of their supply caravans. Lately they've taken to attacking Honor Hold patrols, too. Because of that, they hired some dwarves to take care of them.[1][2]

They breed a magnificent beautiful bird species they have domesticated called the kaliri.[3][4]

The Haal'eshi mage, Avruu, trapped Aeranas inside his orb. The altar the arakkoa used to enslave him is hidden to the southeast of their den.[5]

Some of them carry magical scrolls.[6]

They have captured a wounded bloof elf pilgrim on her way from Thrallmar to Falcon Watch.

Known membersEdit

Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Arakkoa Avruu Leader, mage Killable Den of Haal'esh, Hellfire Peninsula



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