Pointer mount on 32x32 This giant can be mounted.

Gymer is the ruler of Northrend's storm giants.

He was lured into a trap by his now undead brother, Thiassi the Lightning Bringer, and is a prisoner of the Scourge.[1]

No doubt a reference to the Giant Gymir, in Norse Mythology. [2]



  • Spell nature earthquake  [Gymer's Smash]ω ϖ (30 energy) 10 yd range—Gymer smashes his fist into the ground, causing 5363 to 7637 damage to all enemies in a 12 yard radius.
  • Ability warrior rampage  [Gymer's Roar]ω ϖ (50 energy)—Gymer lets lose a deafening roar, knocking back all enemies in front of him. (5 sec cooldown)
  • Ability warrior bloodfrenzy  [Gymer's Grab]ω ϖ 30 yd range—Gymer will grab a Vargul that he can then use as a living weapon! Also used to grab Storm Clouds so that Gymer can replenish his health and energy. (10 sec cooldown)
  • Ability hunter beastsoothe  [Gymer's Throw]ω ϖ (Unlimited range)—Throws the Vargul that Gymer is holding in his hand. Will explode on impact!
  • Inv boots plate 03  [Ghoul Crush]ω ϖ 8 yd range—Crushes all reanimated corpes and ghouls in front of Gymer. Gymer CRUSH! (5 sec cooldown)


Randomly spoken quotes when caged:

  • Wretched beasts!
  • I will devour you whole!
  • Ugly little monsters, pray I don't get out!
  • Your torture only adds to my rage!
  • My brothers will come for me and then you will see what true power is!
  • How long do you think this cage can hold me, fiends?!
  • I will crush you all!

While being ridden:

  • Taste Gymer's size 600!
  • Tiny creatures, I trample you!
  • I will crush you under foot!
  • I'll wipe you off my boots later!




When he yells "Taste Grymer's size 600!", he is referring to his shoe size. It seems like giants have REALLY big shoes.


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