This page is very unprofessional, members keep editing this page to claim that First Legion is at the forefront of PvE progression, when in reality it is not.

Members also consistently edit the wikipage to remove information on the guild's history, including the fact that they believe that horde of the server are "not allowed to gank First Legion"[1] —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Pyro789x (talkcontr).

I do partially agree with what's being said. On one side, it is logical for a guild to promote themselves in a positive manner. On another, it's merely a marketing ploy, really, if they just say "at the forefront" instead of actually identifying the accomplishments. I would rather see an actual list of the accomplishments that puts them "at the forefront" than just saying that straight up.
According to the [guild pages policy], don't add "Biased information - The content on a Wiki is meant to be informative, this includes guild pages. Guild pages, like all other, should be written from a neutral point of view and must follow the Neutral Point of View Policy."
On the same note, I do argue that this is their guild page and they have the right to post what's there. At the same time, though, it should remain slightly neutral, and not be a business proposal, in my personal opinion. There's a simple solution: Revise "at the forefront" to state specifically what has been accomplished by the guild.
So one of two things needs to happen -- I think either this page needs to be touched up, or the policy needs to be revised... or both. Shirik 18:39, 16 March 2007 (EDT)

User Kaldore re-edited this page to include the previous violations. How do you report a wikiuser?

This page has no value whatsoever, it mereley states all the information you could have found with armory[2] and then inserts some biased opinions (that are incorrect, actually). If they don't edit the entire article to edit something you cant actually find on armory, and dont clean up the NPOV, then I say just delete the whole damn article.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Pyro789x (talkcontr).

Alright, looks like they cleaned up everything that was wrong with it, I have no beef with the page now. Should I just delete all of these previous comments, or leave them for posterity? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Pyro789x (talkcontr). May 17th, 2007

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