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- This merely lists the current Top 20 progression guilds on the Oceanic listed servers, as they progress through sunwell.
- For more specific details about progression please use the appropriate realm forums.
- This list does not include Oceanic guilds on non-Oceanic servers.
- This list does not take into account some bosses are considered harder then others, just goes by amount killed.
- Similar progressed guilds are ranked by date of their last kill.
- There are currently 63 Oceanic guilds progressing in Sunwell (at least 1/6) and approximately 100 oceanic guilds that are clearing Black Temple and Mount Hyjal.
- This list does not include post 3.0 kills

Final The Burning Crusade standings as of October 14th 2008.

# Guild Server Hyjal BT Sunwell Website Date of Last Kill
1. Official alliance mini-icon Tsunami Frostmourne Clear Clear Clear June 30th 2008
2. Official horde mini-icon Avast Frostmourne Clear Clear Clear July 13th 2008
3. Official alliance mini-icon Gigantor BarthilasClear Clear Clear July 14th 2008
4. Official alliance mini-icon Not Steamboat Thaurissan Clear Clear Clear July 18th 2008
5. Official alliance mini-icon Tribunal Thaurissan Clear Clear Clear July 21st 2008
6. Official horde mini-icon Khazuals Khaz'goroth Clear Clear Clear August 4th 2008
7. Official alliance mini-icon Ghost ThaurissanClear Clear Clear September 8th 2008
8. Official alliance mini-icon Fade Jubei'thos Clear Clear Clear September 11th 2008
9. Official horde mini-icon Clique ThaurissanClear Clear Clear September 29th 2008
10. Official horde mini-icon Endless Fury NagrandClear Clear Clear October 14th 2008
11. Official horde mini-icon Offline Barthilas Clear Clear 5/6 July 21st 2008
12. Official horde mini-icon Shidavéré FrostmourneClear Clear 5/6 July 27th 2008
13. Official alliance mini-icon Schism BarthilasClear Clear 5/6 August 18th 2008
14. Official horde mini-icon Consumption FrostmourneClear Clear 5/6 August 21st 2008
15. Official alliance mini-icon Reincarnation BarthilasClear Clear 4/6 July 18th 2008
16. Official alliance mini-icon Démisé Dath'RemarClear Clear 4/6 July 28th 2008
17. Official horde mini-icon Minerva Jubei'ThosClear Clear 4/6 July 31st 2008
18. Official alliance mini-icon Noctis Erus Aman'ThulClear Clear 4/6 August 4th 2008
19. Official horde mini-icon Nocturnus Vexillari Dath'RemarClear Clear 4/6 August 4th 2008
20. Official horde mini-icon Oracle FrostmourneClear Clear 4/6 unknown August 21st 2008

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