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The Guild Finder[1] is a new tool available as of Patch 4.1 to help players find a guild. It appears the first iteration is a very simple tool, but may improve over time.

Looking for Guild Edit

Only un-guilded players will get access to the Guild Finder UI.[2] Click the central button (Micromenu guild finder btn 4 2 0 14133) on the Micro Menu.

Basics Edit

Settings tab
  • Guild Playstyle: Choose your desired guild play-style (Questing, Dungeons, Raids, PvP, and/or Roleplaying).
  • Availability: Indicate your availability (Weekdays and/or Weekends).
  • Class Roles: Indicate your desired role(s) (Tank, Healer, Damage; may be limited by class).
  • Comment: Leave a comment (less than 128 characters, so more like a tweet).
  • "Browse Guilds" button.
Browse tab[3]
  • Guild entries that match criteria.
    • Guild crest (with criteria match count?), achievement points, name, number of members, and brief guild comment (probably less than 128 characters).
  • "Request Membership" button.
Requests tab[3]
Guild Finder-Requests- 4 1 13850
  • Shows number of requests in tab.
  • List of your current membership requests.

Looking for members Edit

This stuff is actually from the bottom Info tab in the Guild window and is likely only viewable by the guild master (but possibly officers also).

Basics Edit

Info tab[4]
  • Guild Challenges (not related to recruiting) for Guild XP
    • Dungeon (0/7 Cataclysm-Logo-Small dungeons only), Raid (0/1), Rated Battleground (0/3) completed this week
  • Message of the Day
  • Guild Information
Recruitment tab[3]
Guild-Recruitment-List My Guild 4 1 13850
  • Guild Playstyle: Choose your guild's play-style (Casual, Moderate or Hardcore).
  • Availability: Indicate your guild's needed availability (Weekdays and/or Weekends).
  • Class Roles: Indicate your guild's needed role(s) (Tank, Healer, Damage).
  • Comment: Guild comment shown to browsers (less than 128 characters, so more like a tweet).
  • "List My Guild" (or "Unlist My Guild") button.
Requests tab[3]
  • Shows number of requests in tab.
  • Shows requesting players: class icon, level, name and desired roles.
  • "Invite", "Send Message", "Decline" buttons.

Notes Edit

  • It looks like guild members having permission to invite members to the guild does not allow them to "Invite" in the Guild window.

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