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Guild Name: Zephyr Crew / RP Guild
Server: Thorium Brotherhood US / RP Server
Faction: Horde
Guild Founder: Jehotay (Presumed Dead)
Guild Leader: Drosh
Guild Contacts: (anyone in the ZC)

The Zephyr Crew, a guild for those afflicted with the wander-lust. Friendly and peaceful in nature, the "Crew" are known by all factions. While peaceful, the Crew is 100% dedicated to serving the Horde and its leaders. Members of the Crew seek peace and optional ways of solving problems. The Crew has traveled all over Azeroth in search of treasures, beasts, and challenges. On certain weeknights, they return to the port city of Ratchet, where they own a small tavern, [The Drunken Kodo]. On these nights, the Crew invites all to come and relax as drinks and tales are shared for all.

The Kodo is acutally leased from the goblin Wiley, who is an honorary member of the Crew and remains working in the Kodo to this day.

For more information about the Crew and how to join, please [visit our site].