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Fresh out of <The Varden>, Mirasilver wanted a new start at a guild. Why did she leave <The Varden> you may ask? Well, lets just say there were a few disagreements and the usual drama you can expect from most guilds. She was simply fed up.

Mira bought her charter and wanted a name that was simple and yet had some kinda meaning to her -- a name she would feel at home with. Thinking back to her younger years she remembered her favorite RPG of all time, Chrono Trigger. From that game she thought of one of her favorite characters, Schala, a girl who lived in the Kingdom of Zeal. Mira liked the word zeal and then came up with Zealous. After looking up its meaning to make sure she wasn't sporting something she'd disagree with, she stuck with it.

*Zeal·ous* [/zel-uhs/] – adjective full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

Bam! December 1st, 2007 Zealous came into being!

After a bit of coaxing Krysta, also fresh out of <The Varden>, she convinced him to join. Mira had a lot of trust and respect for Krysta and felt that he'd be perfect to team up and run <Zealous> with. This trust is greatly displayed by her giving him the highest rank, Guild Master. However, don't let this fool you! Mirasilver and Krysta have equal say in what goes on with the guild.

Raid ScheduleEdit


  • Treat each and every guildy with RESPECT! Remember, this is a game and we are all here to have fun with another!
  • Keep the drama out of Guild chat. If you're going to argue with one another, please do so in whispers. We don't need that shit bringing down everyone elses mood!
  • Do not beg for runs, gold, or promotions. This includes spaming the fuck out of Guild chat asking for anything, if you don't get an answer chances are its no. Asking for promotions is not going to get you promoted so don't bother. Offenders will be booted.

Rules for RaidsEdit

  • Add-ons: Each member should get Deadly Boss Mods and Omen. Omen is a must, learn to use it!
  • When you say you're going to attend a raid its VERY important that you show up for that raid! By not showing up you're letting an entire raid group down and that sucks! Mail a Guild Master or Warlord ahead of time if something comes up. We understand real life comes before WoW life.
  • When raiding, I need you to understand that wipes are gonna happen. Raiding costs gold! Everyone that has wiped with you will be paying those repair bills too! There is no need to sit and bitch how big your repair bill is over and over. The Guild Vault funds are there to help with those repairs, so chill out.


  • How to Gain DKP:
    • Being at a raid on time:
      • 2 DKP.
    • Bosses Killed:
      • 2 DKP (4 if it's a first kill).
    • Hourly DKP:
      • 3 DKP per hour (Max of 12 DKP per raid).
    • Finishing the raid:
      • 2 DKP (3 bonus DKP for staying the whole raid).
  • How to Lose DKP:
    • Leaving the raid pre-maturely without ample warning and/or attempting to find a replacement:
      • 3 DKP
    • Not Showing up for Raids:
      • 5 DKP
    • Showing Up Late for Raids:
      • 3 DKP
    • Not maintaining silence on vent or in raid chat during boss fights or fight explanations:
      • 2 DKP


Mirasilver, Guildmaster 
Guild cofounder.
Krysta, Guildmaster 
Guild cofounder.
Azerium, Guildmaster 


Ecozonz, Lord 
WoWWiki guild page creator and editor.