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Overview Edit

History & Events Edit

Xfusion was originally formed on 2nd April 2008, as a merger of Shinmai and Northern Rising. The two guilds had been working together for some time and it was felt that merging the two would allow for better coordination and progression through the 25 man raids of The Burning Crusade. The original goal set out by the officers was to pull Illidan before the release of Wrath. Quite a lofty goal at the time, given that the guild hadn't moved past Kara/ZA. This goal was completed on 4th November 2008, though due to server issues only one attempt was possible at the time.

On 6th November 2008, following internal issues, the guild's main tank left. Following which a small number of other guild members also left. The impact of this is yet to be seen, due to the impending expansion release giving the remaining guild offices time to find a replacement main tank. Those who left joined together with a group of others, some of whom had been in Xfusion previously and some where just friends, to form the new guild Omnia

Present Day Edit

Xfusion has progressed swiftly through the early 25 man raid encounters, and are now working on clearing more of TK and SSC before moving on to bigger and better things. Along with scheduled progress runs the guild also has occasional exploratory runs to places such as the Battle for Mount Hyjal. In all, its a social raiding guild, where the members are looking to progress.

Guild Progress Edit

Karazhan - Clear and on farm
Zul'Aman - Clear
Gruul's Lair - Clear and on farm
Magtheridon's Lair - Clear and on farm
Doomwalker - On farm
SSC - Clear
TK - Clear
Battle for Mount Hyjal - 4/5 bosses downed
Black Temple - 8/9 bosses downed

Recruitment Edit

For an update on the current recruitment status, and which classes are needed, please see the following post on the official WoW forums. Guild Xfusion is looking for YOU! | 2008-06-04 14:04 by Caryna

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