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Wrath of the Righteous is a heavy PVE raiding guild that enjoys casual RP, PVP pwnage, and good friends.

This guild was formed on February 15, 2007 on the Moon Guard realm. It is dedicated toward end game instances. You must be at the maximum level and have reasonable gear to apply as a raiding member.

Please note that if you get recruited by us you will go though an Initiate process. This process time depends a lot on the Initiate, but usually takes about 2 weeks. Also note that Members will have priority over Initiates on loot. After that time, an Initiate is either accepted and becomes a member or removed from the guild.

Things that can help you become a member are attendance, activity, skill/fast learner and attitude. Wrath wants players who don't give up; players who don't complain when the going gets tough. We want players who have a good sense of humor, can take sharp criticism, and enjoy death.

To fill out an application go to Raid Application [1].

For more information please visit the website at and/or contact Turel or Sasha in game.

History Edit

Guild history coming soon.

Guild progression Edit

Azeroth raids Edit

All Azeroth Raids – Cleared (no longer raiding this content regularly)

Outland raids Bc icon Edit

All Outland Raids – Cleared (no longer raiding this content regularly) Kiljaeden defeated 10/29/08 (Realm first).

Northrend raids Wrath-Logo-Small Edit

10 and 25-person:

Weekly raid schedule Edit

The current raid schedule is Thursday through Sunday. We start each raid day at 7:00PM Server Time (CST) and stop at 1:00AM Server Time (CST) or sometimes earlier. If you are unable to attend these days consistently or at least 2/4 days of the week, then WotR is not the right guild for you.

Officers Edit

Here's a quick introduction to your friendly WotR officers and their various roles. If you have a problem, you can resolve it with one of these people (we also accept cash gifts and booze too!).

Turel - Guild Master, Raid Leader, Warrior Lead

Sasha - Guild Mistress, Ventrilo Admin, DKP Officer

Byke - Warlock Lead

Odomore - Druid Lead

Setzer - Rogue Lead

Rumor - Death Knight Lead

Nutta - Shaman Lead

Cyke - Mage Lead

Yngvild - Paladin Lead

If you have questions about recruitment or raid slots, talk to: Turel or Sasha

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