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Wraiths and Strays is a casual, family style PvE guild. We like to raid and are currently raiding Karazhan and starting out in Zul'Aman and looking to start Gruul with an allied guild. But we're welcome to anyone raider or not :)

We're by no means a raiding guild and anyone of any class or level or gear level is welcome to apply. But we do like to raid too and try to arrange appropriate stuff for everyone to do as best as we can

For more information please see our website or our Boards or Wiki

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This is one of the first horde guilds on silvermoon, being formed right when the server first opened. We've slowly grown and kept to our aims of being a friendly social guild that likes to raid sometimes too.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Raids are variable and organised from week to week as people want

Officers Edit

Current officers are :-

  • Masternl
  • Kerwen
  • Cyrillia
  • Yarral
  • Osix

Please see out Website for officers as it's likely to be up to date unlike this,

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