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The World Funeral Edit

Server: Thunderhorn Faction: Horde

Guild cultureEdit

World Funeral is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on the Thunderhorn server. We're a mid-sized guild, with a little less than 100 active members. We represent all classes, races, and levels. Right now we are still in the developmental stages with about 75 active members ranging from lvl 1-70 with a goal to help one another progress. (i.e. reach desired lvl, obtain items, trade skills, etc)

Applicant requirementsEdit

At this time we are not actively recruiting but,we all were new once, so people new to WoW shouldn't hesitate to join. If you're interested in joining the guild, go to the Forums in the recruitment section, where you can request membership. Or just click HERE

Guild RulesEdit

1. Respect - World Funeral is a guild built on respect. Each member must be more than willing to participate actively and help each other out. While grouped with non-guild members it is the player's responsibility to act on behalf of World Funeral. A mark against one player in our guild is a mark against the entire guild, please make sure that you represent us by always showing common courtesy and respect. Maturity counts. People acting rudely & selfishly outside of the guild can hurt other guild members.

2.Racism - Racism is a plague all people face in today's modern society. Many people struggle with stereotypes and profiling on a daily basis, World Funeral will not tolerate any form of racist remarks in the guild channel. Please keen an open mind, everyone is different.

3.Sexism - World of Warcraft is a game designed for both genders and many female players remain silent about remarks that are made about them in game. Please remember that women have a right to respect as much as men do. Sexist remarks will not be tolerated

4.Farmers - Selling gold for monetary profit (EBAY) is not tolerated. Farmers are not permitted to join this guild, and World Funeral does not support the act of Buying and or selling gold online for monetary value.

5.Absents - All players inactive longer than 30 days without prior notificiation to the officers or GM will be removed from the guild.

6.Foul Language - Profanity is socially unacceptable, although an occasional slip up may occur, please refrain from using excessive profanity in guild chat.

7.Guild Chat Spamming - Please do not Spam the guild asking for help. While we are all guild mates and all try to help as much as possible, we are not in the game solely for your needs and chances are we are probably doing something already. You can always check the Guild Tab on your Socials button to see where everyone in the guild is at.

"Ask not what your guild can do for you, ask what you can do for your guild"

8. Be Proactive - "Walk the walk, don't just talk it" If there is something you want to do, try to get others interested. Remember to schedule it before hand and not be too spontaneous all the time. Not everyone is on your time.

9. Learn from your mistakes and be patient with those learning- All players started as noobs. Everyone has made mistakes; that's how you learn to be a better player. Don't be offended if someone offers you advice; they are just trying to help. With that said, if/when you offer advice to another guildy, try not to offend them and remember that you were once in their shoes. MORE TO COME!..

Current Guild leaders and contacts Edit

Nitologic, Doppelganger, Reshako and Aerian.

Links Edit

Home Page: World Funeral Website

Date Formed Edit

April, 2005.

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