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World Conquest Order is a casual raiding guild on the EU Dragonblight server.

Website: [1]

About UsEdit

Hi! We play WoW for fun! We don't do anger or uptight. Our ethos is to help each other in any way possible, to behave with honour, friendship, generosity and kindness and to at all times behave in a manner compatible with the spirit of the rules of the game . This includes a set of our own *rules, which we all obey, including - no bad language, no religious, racist, or political discussions, no 'ninjas' and no confrontation. Anyone flouting our rules or codes of conduct is likely to be instantly dismissed from the guild.

The guild is led by Hollyamber. A number of elite officers including Galabrand, Barrada, Tetleys, Cworaz, Galadrial HairyP Dalambert Griselda & Maegruth assist in the leadership and management of the guild. Our aim is to help as many people level up as possible and to raid High Level Instances. We use GEM to organise raids. We are also closely allied to Starlight & Shadows.

We have already successfully raided Molten Core UBRS, LBRS, Strat, Scholo, We are now raiding in the Outland Instances. We have cleared Karazhan and killed all bosses. We are now doing 25 man raids in anticipation of the new expansion.

We have a Teamspeak Server and we use it and the ingame speak facility for Raiding and general chat.


If you would like to join our guild, please whisper one of our Guild who will give you details on joining. If you do not have an alt or a friend in the guild you will not be accepted unless you are at least lvl 70 and well geared. Before you can be accepted your guild history will be checked. We do not accept guild hoppers so if you have been in more than 3 guilds you will be asked about this. You must be prepared to show commitment to our guild and abide by its rules and codes of conduct. Once your appication is accepted you will be invited to join WCO.

Thank you for your interest in WCO.

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