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WipE on Cenarius Edit

WipE is a guild on Cenarius US made up of a majority of players residing in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia and a scattering from North America. Raid times therefore, are generally scheduled to start at 2.30am server time (or in the evening, Oceanic time) for this bunch of close-knit friends.

Brief History Edit

WipE was formed by members who were breaking away from Bastion of Justice which itself was formed by the breaking of another guild (The Southern Alliance) before it. In August 2005, Bastion of Justice was one of the first major efforts towards creating an Australian based community on the Cenarius server, and due to this fact, most members of BoJ had little raiding experience and even the thought of clearing UBRS was daunting!! During these first few months, some may remember as a 'stressful' time. However, The GM and his officers, stuck to their firm guild stance. This time period was often referred to as 'boot camp', as it often involved military style leadership and discipline, where the raids would run slowly, carefully and like a military drill .

This period was a major test for most of the guild, everyone learned how to raid, how to co-operate and most of all, how to follow instructions.

It worked.

BoJ, through its excellent leadership and dedicated and skilled playerbase, it quickly adapted to high-end raiding. From 25 man MC 'practice' runs, to reaching Majordomo within mere weeks of seriously attempting the instance, BoJ was showing signs of becoming a great raiding guild, as well as a great community.

Unfortunately, the happy days were numbered. After the success in MC, many BoJ members set their sights on greater challenges but progress stagnated due to the fact that clearing MC remained 3 nights of arduous raiding. Frustration among members and internal strife within the leadership of the guild escalated in the months following. Among the problems that led to boiling point were the 1 hour raid 'preparation' times, slow pace of the raids and the system employed for handling of loot.

Eventually, the arguments about loot, leadership and raids became too much for many members. The guild was slowly becoming unstable, members were leaving and officers were resigning. This spawned the creation of a temporary guild, Renevatio (meaning; Rebirth) where the majority of BoJ members left. The new guild, yet to decide a final name, grew quickly. Many ex-BoJ members who had left over the previous months were quick to rejoin their friends and fellow guildies again.

After a lengthy voting period, the new guild was named "WipE" which reflected the light-hearted tongue-in-cheek flavour of the guild where the vision was to create an ideal guild based on a more democratic approach towards solving guild issues. Over the following weeks, WipE went from a 3 night MC raid to a 4 hour clear. A new loot system was implemented and they set their sights high. Not long after, WipE began raiding Blackwing Lair. WipE showed the Cenarius community what it was capable of by clearing BWL from Razergore to Nefarian in as little as 3 weeks and taking on outdoor raid bosses occasionally.

Through its unstable and controversial past, WipE has emerged as a highly sought after guild for many Cenarius players in the Oceanic time zone.

Officer List Edit

Flashfyre (Guild Master)

Nicky (Captain)

Boofhead (Captain / Paladin Class Lead)

Garu (Warrior Class Lead)

Modius (Mage Class Lead)

Tannah (Warlock Class Lead)

Isaana (Priest Class Lead)

Yaeger (Hunter Class Lead)

Jaxie (Druid Class Lead)

Anzail (Rogue Class Lead)

Sleena (Shaman Class Lead)

Tyralia (Recruitment Officer)

Progression Edit

40-man Instances

  • Molten Core - Lucifron to Ragnaros (Full Clear)
  • Blackwing Lair - Razergore to Nefarian (Full Clear)
  • Ahn' Quiraj - Skeram to Twin Emperors

20-man Instances

  • Zul'Gurub - Venoxis to Jin'do (Full Clear)
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Kurinnaxx to Ossirian the Unscarred (Full Clear)

Outdoor Raid Bosses

  • Kazzak
  • Azuregos
  • Thunderaan

Outlands Edit

25-man Instances

  • Gruul's Lair - Full Clear
  • Magtheridon - Full Clear
  • Serpentshrine Cavern - Full Clear
  • Tempest Keep - Void Reaver, High Astromancer Solarian and Al'ar (3/4)

10-man Instances

  • Karazhan - Full Clear
  • Zul'aman - Full Clear

Application Process Edit

WipE actively seeks dedicated and skilled members to boost its raiding force. To join one just has to go to the guild website ( and click "Apply to Join".

Famous WipE Quotes Edit

  • "It isn't rocket surgery you know."
  • "You're a noob, seriously."

Links Edit


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