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Overview Edit

Wildly Inept Pacifists is a small friends and family guild. While it contains raiders, it is not currently engaged in active raiding.

Guild ProgressEdit

As a guild, WIP cleared Karazhan and Zul'Aman, regularly beating the bear mount timer.


Wildly Inept Pacifists was founded by Abbi as a joke guild; the name was stolen from Wildly Unsuccessful Pacifists, a City of Heros supergroup on the Justice server. It seemed like a good idea to provide a home for various friends and family, and when Abbi started leading raids for Explorers of Evermoore, the "Wildly Inept" name was extended to those raids.

In December of 2006, Abbi decided to see if Wildly Inept Raiding could serve as a casualcore vehicle. Various other Earthen Ring players showed interest, and the Wildly Inept web site was created. Many WIP members raided under the WIR banner during Burning Crusade.

In Wrath, WIP got all casual again.

Guild PoliciesEdit

Wildly Inept Pacifists membership is informal, casual, and usually by invite only. Abbi is the guild master; Arrish and Ellian/Trinn are the other two officers.

The Scarlet Crusade tabard is the official "away tabard" of WIP. WIP members who have one should wear it on raids, even in cat form.