This timeline is intended for members of the White Kodo Clan to add lore relating to the clan and their characters. The years listed here are based on a timeline that uses the beginning of Warcraft I as year 0. The source for most of this information is the Warcraft RPG sourcebook Lands of Conflict.

Timeline of the White Kodo Clan's history Edit



  • Kil’jaeden contacts the orc shaman Ner’zhul and bends him to his will.


  • Ner’zhul cuts off contact with Kil'jaeden and is replaced by his apprentice, Gul’dan.


  • Gul’dan forms a pact between his shamans and followers of Kil’jaeden to create the Shadow Council. Sargeras corrupts the unborn Medivh, who will become the last Guardian of Tirisfal.


  • Gul’dan teaches demon magic to other orcs, turning shamans into warlocks.


  • The Shadow Council unifies the orc clans into the Horde, and Gul'dan outlaws shamanism to elevate his warlocks.
  • Kil’jaeden sends the pit lord Mannoroth to Draenor to bind the orcs to his will. Chieftains from the twelve orc clans drink from Mannoroth’s blood, bringing the curse of bloodlust to the orcs.




  • Medivh abruptly falls into a mysterious coma at age 14.
  • Sargeras’ presence perverts Medivh’s mind and soul.


  • Cobault Shadowpaw was born.


  • Cobault watches as his father and freinds were killid right in front of his eyes.


  • The bloodlust-filled orcs begin to slaughter the peaceful draenei.
  • Is taken away from his mother by Avok (Last name unknown) to begin his Druidic training


  • The orcs conquer all of Draenor, but the use of necromancy drains the planet, leaving the land dead.


  • With no enemies left to fight, the orc clans battle each other.


  • Cobault sets off on his own to further his oneness with the Earthmother.


  • Gul’dan explores the Twisting Nether for new worlds for the Horde to conquer.
  • Medivh awakens from his coma.


  • Sargeras, working through Medivh, sends Gul’dan visions of a land ripe for conquest: Azeroth.
  • Medivh creates a small rift between Draenor and Azeroth.


  • Orc scouts enter the rift and build an outpost in the Black Morass.


  • Gul’dan creates the Dark Portal, allowing the orcish Horde to begin its assault on Azeroth.
  • The First War begins. The Horde is defeated decisively at Stormwind Keep, and few orcs survive the battle. The orc clans fall into chaos.


  • Gul’dan manages to name Blackhand the Destroyer warchief, and the new leader rallies the tribes.
  • Medivh sends Gul’dan visions of the Tomb of Sargeras and the power it contains. The Horde attacks Azeroth, razing villages.
  • Durotan, chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, is slain by rival orcs, and his infant son is discovered by humans and named Thrall.


  • Anduin Lothar slays Medivh’s body and destroys the spirit of Sargeras.


  • Blackhand is betrayed and slain by Orgrim Doomhammer, who becomes warchief.
  • Stormwind Keep falls.
  • King Llane is slain by the half-orc Garona.
  • Orgrim Doomhammer's forces destroy the Shadow Council and forces Gul'dan to pledge complete submission.
  • Lothar leads his people in retreat across the Great Sea to Lordaeron.
  • The First War ends.
  • Gul’dan raises a legion of Stormwind’s fallen soldiers as death knights.
  • Khandivya, 7 years old, is taken from her home on the Broken Isles by a human raiding party. Her mother and sister, Keishe now 3, are left alive in the village.


  • Lothar and King Terenas of Lordaeron form an alliance between the seven human nations and the dwarves and high elves.
  • The Horde brings ogres from Draenor.
  • The troll Zul’jin coordinates an alliance between the forest trolls and the orcish Horde.
  • Sir Uther Lightbringer founds the Knights of the Silver Hand.


  • The Second War begins. The Horde rolls through Khaz Modan and up into Lordaeron. Large portions of Quel’Thalas are destroyed by the Horde.
  • Gul’dan secretly forges an agreement with demons loyal to Sargeras. Gul’dan raises the Tomb of Sargeras from beneath the ocean. Gul’dan accidentally releases a swarm of demons that kill him. The demons inflict great damage on the Horde.
  • Deathwing assumes the form of Lord Prestor and infiltrates the high council of the Alliance and becomes king of Alterac.
  • The Alliance pushes the Horde to the Black Morass, where the Dark Portal is located. Lord Anduin Lothar is slain during the Alliance’s final victory. The Dark Portal is shattered. The Second War ends.
  • Centaurs raid a small village. In this raid a troll boy of 5, named Tzenek, is stolen. His twin sister Tatimitzi, his mother, uncle and a few others are all that is left of the tribe. They begin to migrate looking for a new home. Eventually they settle with a small tribe of Taurens in the Stonetalon Mountains


  • Ner’zhul opens additional portals in Draenor and flees through one. The energies from the portals tear Draenor apart. Its floating shards eventually become known as Outland.
  • Kil’jaeden captures Ner’zhul and turns him into the Lich King, encasing him in a block of ice.


  • Rhonin and Vareesa Windrunner free Alexstrasza. Ysera, Nozdormu and Malygos are awakened and defeat Deathwing.
  • The orc young warlock novitiate Mokthar flees from the devastation of his clan, the Dragonmaw Clan, after Alextrasza is freed.
  • Thrall learns to fight and read and speak the language of men.



  • Kil’jaeden casts the Lich King’s icy prison into Northrend, followed by a legion of undead followers. Ner’zhul corrupts the Archmage Kel’Thuzad and directs him to begin spreading a disease across Lordaeron. Kel’Thuzad creates the Cult of the Damned.


  • Thrall begins to fight in the slave pits as a gladiator.


  • Thrall escapes his captivity.
  • Keishe leaves her family in the night to search for her long lost sister, Khandivya. She makes it to Booty Bay and remains there for several years searching for clues amongst the inhabitants.
  • Mekiv's mother is killed in a skirmish with Murlocs.


  • Thrall defeats Orgrim Doomhammer in combat and earns his respect. Doomhammer appoints Thrall as his second-in-command.
  • Thrall, Grom Hellscream and Doomhammer combine forces to raid the internment camps and free their fellow orcs from captivity. Thrall convinces them to reform the Horde.


  • Orgrim Doomhammer is slain in battle, and Thrall becomes the next warchief. He turns his people from the practice of demon magic and reintroduces them to the abandoned shamanistic culture of their ancestors.


  • Kel’Thuzad’s Cult of the Damned infects Lordaeron’s farmlands with the Lich King’s plague.
  • Uther Lightbringer and his Knights of the Silver Hand try to stem the tide of the disease, but fail.
  • Prince Arthas tracks the source of the plague to Northrend and attempts to slay the Lich King. There, Arthas falls prey to a trap and loses his soul to the cursed blade Frostmourne. The Lich King transforms Arthas into a death knight. He returns to Lordaeron, assassinates his father King Terenas and takes charge of the undead forces.
  • The Third War begins.
  • Kel’Thuzad seizes Medivh’s spellbook from the city of Dalaran and uses it to summon forth the Burning Legion. Archimonde and his host of demons arrive in Dalaran.
  • A human mage named Yves Legard is slain defending Dalaran from the Scourge. His body is later raised as an undead sorcerer.
  • The spirit of Medivh begins to manipulate events to arrange the formation of an alliance between the mortal races on Kalimdor. Guided by Medivh, Jaina Proudmoore leads several ships to Kalimdor.
  • The Horde lands on a mysterious island chain in the Maelstrom and encounters a friendly tribe of jungle trolls. Thrall helps the trolls to escape from their sinking island, and the trolls respond by joining the Horde.
  • The orcs encounter the tauren and their oracle, who turns out to be Medivh. Thrall meets Jaina, and Medivh warns both of them about the coming of the Burning Legion.
  • The Graytotem tribe of the Barrens is scattered. Mairn Graytotem is separated from his mate, Asheala, who is feared dead. Their daughter, Ibadi Graytotem, is in training with the Cenarion Circle and loses contact with her parents.
  • Night elves battle orcs led by Grom Hellscream. Cenarius intervenes and temporarily halts the Horde’s advance.
  • Mannoroth deceives Grom into drinking from a corrupted well of demon blood. The orcs use that power to slay Cenarius.
  • The night elves awaken Malfurion and the rest of the slumbering druids.
  • The Burning Legion arrives in Ashenvale. Malfurion and Tyrande free Illidan. Illidan consumes power from a demonic artifact known as the Skull of Gul’dan, irreversibly changing him into a demon.
  • Thrall’s orcs and Jaina’s humans join forces with the night elves to defend Mount Hyjal from Archimonde’s advance. The night elves sacrifice their immortality to destroying Archimone.
  • The Third War ends.
  • Thrall founds a new homeland, called Durotar, and begin constructing Orgrimmar.
  • Jaina builds Theramore.
  • Illidan awakens naga and journeys to the Tomb of Sargeras. Illidan finds an artifact known as the Eye of Sargeras.
  • User:Mekiv/Mekiv, her brother Debdeb, and her father journey to Durotar with the other Trolls of their tribe.


  • Illidan travels to Lordaeron and uses the Eye of Sargeras to open a portal to Outland in the ruined city of Dalaran.
  • The remaining high elf forces gather under the leadership of Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider. Craving magic, they follow Illidan through the portal to Outland.
  • User:Mekiv/Mekiv and Debdeb's father dies of illness. Debdeb is left to raise his younger sister, focusing on the family's raptor breeding business and her studies.



  • Arthas defeats Illidan in combat and dons the Lich King’s crown, infusing his body with the spirit of Ner’zhul.
  • Debdeb is killed during an excursion to the Undercity with Tymora, presumably by the Night Elf herself. Mekiv flies into a blind rage and begins attacking and slaughtering the inhabitants of Alliance and Kaldorei outposts.


  • Rexxar sneaks into Theramore and confronts Jaina about attacks on orc territories.
  • Admiral Proudmoore, Jaina’s father, arrives on Theramore with the remainder of the Kul Tiras navy and reveals himself as the force behind the attacks. The Horde assaults Theramore Isle, slaughtering the Kul Tiras forces and killing Admiral Proudmoore.
  • User:Mekiv/Mekiv continues her attacks on the Alliance.
  • Nov. 23: World of Warcraft begins, roughly.
  • Dec. 30: The White Kodo Clan is founded under the leadership of chieftains Bronwyn Stonewolf and Ryakna Whiteface.


  • March 16: Chieftain Bronwyn is attacked by a mysterious assailant later revealed to be a member of the Validus Knights. The White Kodo Clan and Validus Knights engage in several skirmishes.
  • May: The shaman Ard'win guides User:Mekiv/Mekiv to the White Kodo Clan.
  • May 17: Mairn Graytotem leads his tribe, known as Blood and Honour, to swear allegiance to the White Kodo Clan.
  • May 30: During a battle in the Western Plaguelands, an interaction of arcane and nature magic binds the spirits of Mairn Graytotem and the sorcerer who was once Yves Legard together. The connection between tauren shaman and undead sorcerer is one unwanted by both, and lends each a certain degree of control over the other. The sorcerer begins plotting Mairn's demise.
  • Khandivya joins Blood and Honour. Upon the guilds merging with the White Kodo Clan she wanders alone for many months. While trying to figure out how to work the blasted teleporter to Gnomeregan, she runs into Akuyim and his clanmates of Clan Skullsplitter. They take her in and have many wacky adventures.
  • User:Mekiv/Mekiv tames an unusual, corrupted wolf in Felwood, and names him Dante. The two become inseparable.


  • Clan Skullsplitter disintegrates under it's own tiny weight. Khandivya and Akuyim look for a new home. Remembering the offer from Mairn Graytotem, Khan talks to him and Bronwyn about joining the White Kodo Clan.
  • Keishe comes to Durotar, having finally found clues as to her sisters where abouts. The two are eventually reunited and Keishe joins the Kodos.
  • Tatimitzi leaves home and is saved by an orc named Akuyim. Shortly after she joins the White Kodo Clan.
  • Tatimitzi meets Keishe and Kranik and the 3 young Trolls soon become inseparable.
  • User:Mekiv/Mekiv journeys to Stormwind to assassinate Tymora Nightmane. Whatever events took place there cause her to doubt her previous path of bloodshed and begin soul-searching.
  • Feb. 23: The gates of Ahn'Qiraj are opened.
  • June 16: Khandivya and Akuyim are married on the shores of the Hinterlands, just south of Revantusk Village. Bronwyn officiates, Mairn Graytotem wrote the script.
  • Aug. 14: A mysterious orc warlock named Guzrah delivers a message to Caladi, a tauren druid of the White Kodo Clan, telling her that an orc she trusts is not what he seems. Caladi lashes out at the orc hunter Akuyim, accusing him of past atrocities. The clan is divided between supporters of Caladi and allies of Akuyim.
  • October: * Sometime near the end of the month Tatimitzi disappears. Clues found point to her being captured and held prisoner somewhere. The Clan organises search parties to locate her.
  • November: Dante, User:Mekiv/Mekiv's wolf, begins acting strangely. Mekiv and the White Kodo Clan begin researching a cure in his place of origin, Felwood.
  • Nov. 15: Tatimitzi is found in the vicinity of Blackrock Mountain
  • Dec. 30: The second anniversary of the formation of the White Kodo Clan


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