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The White Kodo Clan is a light-medium roleplaying guild for the Horde on the Feathermoon server. Founded by originally by Lady Bronwyn and the Druid Ryakna, the White Kodo's are famous throughout Azeroth for their unity and generosity. However, woe to he (or she) who faces a Kodo in battle!

The guild was founded Dec. 30, 2004.

Clan History Edit

The White Kodo Clan was formed from the remnants of other clans devastated during the human invasion along the east coast of Kalimdor led by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Even though Proudmoore's daughter, Jaina Proudmoore, and her forces eventually helped the orc leader Thrall and the Horde fight off the invasion, a lasting hatred of the humans lingers to this day.

Many who survived this time of bloodshed and slaughter have since openly questioned Thrall's decision to allow Jaina and her forces safe passage after the invasion. However, others including Ryakna and Lady Bronwyn saw that whatever hatreds were felt, the most important thing was to rebuild. Gathering together other Tauren, they formed the beginning of what would become the White Kodo Clan.

As they traveled across Kalimdor, they realized it hadn't only been the Tauren who had been affected by the devastation. The Orcs and Trolls in the area had faced the brunt of the invasion. Realising they were more alike than appearances gave lie to, the White Kodo Clan was one of the first to welcome other races from the Horde into their midst. Even the Forsaken eventually were admitted into the clan's ranks.

The clan's name is derived from the kodos that roam Mulgore and the Barrens. Although the Kodo are calm and docile normally, they are quick to protect the herd if even a single member is threatened.

The running of the clan is fairly informal and done through the Chieftain and the White Council.

The clan tabard is a white tree that symbolizes the regrowth and rebirth of Kalimdor and of its people.

Guild:White Kodo Clan (Feathermoon US)/Timeline

White Kodo Clan Story Archive

Some of the Kodo's over the years include:

  • Ryakna Whiteface
  • Lady Bronwyn Stonewolf
  • Kaleric
  • Zirro
  • Jessania and Jacinta
  • Emurys aka "big furry butt" and Emorris
  • Kasayna
  • Spartan and Fentor
  • Wargiss the Fierce
  • Mairn Graytotem, Lorekeeper
  • Minossus
  • Akuyim, Master Hunter
  • Kranik
  • Tatimitzi
  • SongofWinds
  • RunningElk
  • Shahkra Khan

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