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We Wont Evolve Horde 15Horde PvE Guild on Shattered Hand.

Guild Focus Edit

We Wont Evolveis an oldschool raiding guild. That is going to raid the oldschool content of the game as lvl 60 with only pre-tbc gear, enchants and abilities. We only allow vanillia accounts (no upgraded tbc accounts).

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Working on it : D

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

We are going to raid 2-3 days a week to let people keep raiding on their 80 chars.

Officers Edit

Nocke, Guildmaster 
Azuric, Officer 
Rogue Officer.

Recruitment Edit

If you are interested in joining us please check out our website and make an apply on our forums. Feel free to ask questions both in forums and to any of us ingame.

Pre-tbc FTW : )

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