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O hai thur, welcome two our site. We Scilla guild on alliance side.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

In the beginning, the majority of the founding members were in a guild called Servants of Aman Thul. The downfall of SoAT was due to it being more about friends that raiding. Now this isn't bad per se, however, you cant build a raiding guild of people that hamper your main players due to their lack of skill or care. When SoAT went under, many of the members found different homes or just quit the game. Abec joined Stack and Die for a month or two, and saw very small amounts of raid time. He was not able to see many of the fights with SnD, but did get a chance to view the Kael fight, and tanked their first Anetheron kill. This was due to his work schedule and when he was ginvited this was known to Jayrod. The plan was still to pull Abec into raids knowing he would have to leave early. Many of the members ended up feeling Abec was just a strain on resources. After Tripod kicked him and eventually reinvited him, Abec soon left. He didn't want to cause strife or drama and figured it would be best to part on somewhat good terms. After leaving he decided it would be nice to just start a 10 man guild, since Zul'Aman content was going to come out, and they could have their "end game" fix with it.

The guild started with some talented players that did not have a home after SoAT. They cleared Karazhan without problem, and did about 4 or 5 pug Gruul runs for the server just to help gear out their alts and get the trinkets for their mains. They soon grew bored of doing this and Abec started seeking out another guild that wanted to merge with them so they could start doing 25 man content.

He found someone willing to pass over their guild to him and let him run the ship. This worked out well, however WLPH was still short about 10 serious raiders. Abec went looking for more, and found another person that was willing to merge with their guild to further increase their fold.

At this point in time they had 20 solid raiders. They were doing fairly well clearing content and making a name for themselves. Though they excelled in SSC, on their first night of Vashj attempts Abec knew that they would never kill her in time for them to be ready for Sunwell, so he made the (unpopular) decision to do a PUG Vashj kill to see the fight in its entirety and understand how/what they were going to need and do as a guild in order to get past tier 5.

The PUG Vashj attempt was made up of 18 WLPH members, 2/3 Ruin, 2/3 SnD, and a couple of randoms from AFO. The kill went down perfect, third attempt in a group where the majority of players had never played with the other half. At that moment in time they decided to let the people go that they knew would never be caliber enough to do the fights they were looking to kill, and around 10-15 players were kicked from the guild while a few others kinda got the hint and left for more suitable pastures.

After they saw what was needed, and people started hearing about their progression, the tells started pouring in and caliber players that shared their goals were invited. The guild made short work of BT, rising in the ranks of guilds on their server until, with their server first kills of M'uru and KT in Sunwell, they were poised at the top.

Server Transfer Edit

In December of 2008, WLPH server transferred to the Scilla realm. This decision was based largely on the unplayability of instances on the over-populated Nathrezim realm.

Guild Leader Message Edit

I will be foremost and honest. I have told everyone in the guild what our plan is and have tried to be the best Guild Leader and Raid Leader I can possibly be. I hope that my guild members understand that I give it my all 100% of the time and I expect them to do the same. We want to be the realm's leading guild in content progression.

I've played this game for over three years and I've seen many players over looked even though they have enormous talent and skill because they are not friends with the right people, lack of credibility, or just are a non social/political player. I turn a blind eye to all that because none of that *#*! means anything. Look at my guild list - many of the players came from talking in trade chat and grouping with them to see if they fit what we need, because in the end that's all that matters.

As I stated earlier, I do expect my players to give their 100% on the 'battlefield'. I also expect them to not be chicken *#*! cowards, ninja looters, liars and thiefs. In return to that regard, I will always go to bat for them if the cause is right and will defend anyone that is in my ranks until my wow career is over.

So the next time you here some idiot claiming that were just a SND rejects guild, or Ruin version 2, tell them they are full of *#*! and you've heard the story from the GM.

In closing, I would just like to say, MUTED.



Abec was also known as a guild bouncer Pre-BC. Jumping from guild to guild generally getting kicked here and there for guild conduct and attitude. Because of his mouth and elitist know-it-all attitude, he fit right in with SnD. However, due to his raid schedule, was quickly released. Thus, he found himself a new home with SoaT. Guild to members such as Onishiro and others that were not well liked in Nathrezim.

When SoAT disbanded, instead of taking the coward's way out and server transferring, he decided to go through with the only option available to him. Take in the "guild rejects" of other guilds that had good gear and decent know how, and put them all under one roof. This usually toxic combination actually worked out well for the guild and has led to many boss kills and a lot of great loot. In the end, it may have balanced out and actually made Abec a better player. Abec stopped complaining about AB matches that were already lost, or loot going to someone that could actually use it and began to round himself out as well spoken guild leader.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Sunday-Thursday 8-12 Server time.

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Applications can be made on the guild forums. Recrewting

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