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Guild:Voodoo (Executus EU)

About Voodoo Edit

Voodoo is a horde guild that has existed under several names on originally the Dragonmaw server, and now the Executus server. In the past it was a hardcore raiding guild, however after a long period of inactivity the guild is starting to pick up pace again.

Guild Information Edit

Voodoo refers to itself as a Casual Hardcore guild, in that while it raids only a limited (4) amount of times per week, currently has no attendance limit, it expects people who do come to raids, to be there to raid. This mindset seems to be proving successful, as within 3 days worth of raiding they had surpassed their original progression and cleared a further 7 bosses. Voodoo will be introducing attendance requirement in the upcomming expansion and declares to be competitive in fight for server firsts.

The guild attempts to run all of its raids fairly and strives to create a group where everyone who is prepared to do their job can come and do as best they can and be rewarded for it.

Leadership Edit

Voodoo continues to be run by (as a majority) a large core of the officers that go back from before joining the Executus server, notably Minalgar, Benjiman (under the new name Karnah), and Crushhoof. The majority of the other officers were also members of the guild in the past. Other past officers of note include Chopsting, who lead their raids for a long time with much success, and the first person on the Dragonmaw server with a Thunderfury.

Guild leadership has changed many times over Voodoo's various incarnations; Mist led the guild originally. He then enlisted Orlando to help him lead the guild. Atrox took over after some months. Eventually, Minalgar took over the guild, and led it for a year or more. Leth took over the guild when Minalgar was worn out, although Minalgar continued to be a major influence. During periods where Leth had trouble, Benjiman was made temporary guild leader.

Now, after their reincarnation, Crushhoof, who has been the main tank of the guild since its raiding beginnings, takes the position of guild leader.

Guild leadership decisions are generally made as a group, and are rarely made individually, thus making sure everyones aware of whats going on at all times.

History Edit

Voodoo originated on Dragonmaw under the name Hat Club, a small group of predominately english friends who decided to expand to raiding. After taking on a large number of friends and people interested in raiding, generally from the guild Incarnators, they quickly began to work on Molten Core.

It is notable that Hat Club was congratulated by GMs at one point, citing the fact that they did not expect the guild to kill the boss they were fighting at the time (Sulfuron Harbringer).

After some success in Molten Core and Onyxia, the guild decided to transform into a more hardcore raiding guild to compete with others on the server, thus the core of the guild moved to one called Unity.

Under this new name, Unity came to be fairly lucky with their instance drops. They scored server firsts with raidleading officer Chopsting getting the first Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, and they were the first guild to have both legendary weapons, with Arek the warrior soon getting his hands on a Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Unity quickly increased in pace and outstripped its competition on the horde side (although at the time, the alliance guild Omen was ahead of them), but was dogged by the growing lag and queues on dragonmaw. Seeing their chance, they moved to the Executus server under an aptly named "Temporary", and immediately killed the boss they were struggling on (Chrommagus), competing with established server giants DAWN and Neophyte.

3 guilds killed Nefarian on the same night, with Temporary coming a close shave second to Neophyte.

Temporary would eventually take on the name Voodoo, and begin working on the gong needed for Ahn'Qiraj's opening. There was some drama here however where the person elected to make the gong changed guilds to Neophyte half way through grinding the required items. Fortunately, Voodoo and Neophyte were able to put aside the resulting differences and work together to open the gate.

Competition for server firsts was fierce but Voodoo began to get ahead of Neophyte. Voodoo decided to tackle optional bosses before C'thun, resulting in Neophyte getting to C'thun first, but it wasn't long before Voodoo had done both, where Neophyte still lacked the optional bosses.

As Naxxrammas was opened, Voodoo began to pull away in terms of progression, killing the spider and abomination wings with relative ease, however it struggled with Loatheb.

As if to create more problems, several key players left for Nihilum, greatly reducing the number of bosses it could complete for a fair period of time. After much struggling with a recruitment drive, Voodoo finally made its way back to its original progress, and eventually managed to down Loatheb and Gothik first. Their progression - and that of the server - soon stopped however.

With the release of TBC, Voodoo was inactive to raiding for only a very short amount of time, and quickly completed Karazhan first - though by their own admission other guilds completed the lower bosses first. They also killed Gruul, Maulgar, and Kazzak first, notably with Gruul being killed before the infamous nerf.

During raids on Magtheridon however, an officer was accepted to join Nihilum, and with several other members leaving and going inactive, it was decided the guild as a whole would do the same.

At around March 2008 a chance meeting saw several of the original core members begin playing again under various different names. As these players continued, other old core members appeared and soon the guild began to grow again. After some casual 10 man raids, and helping out in other guilds 25 man raids, Voodoo decided to begin its own raid schedule again and as of 4th June, have begun raiding properly again, after taking in a large amount of members from the guild Wrath (A strategy for raiding which over their past has served them very well).

It quickly managed to clear Serpent Shrine Cavern by June 8th. Two days later hungry people of Voodoo rushed through the Tempest Keep and managed to clear the raid instance adding naughty elf Kael'thas to the boss kill list. The rush continued as two days after properly starting Mount Hyjal, Archimonde, the last boss, has been utterly destroyed on the 16th June! The Black Temple bosses were a challenge, but we cleared our path up to Mother quick. It took us a while to gather necessary resistance gear and when we were ready we took her down as well as the Illidari Council. It was Summer Period though and Blizzard announced release date for Wrath of the Lich King expansion. As a result, before killing the Betrayer Voodoo took break and stopped raiding. In October 2008 nerf patch (3.0.2) was introduced and so the guild managed to kill Illidan on October, 21th in a spontanious, for-fun raid. Waiting for the expansion random raids are being organised to MH, BT as well as Sunwell Plateau, where Voodoo managed to kill Kalecgos on the very first visit and Brutallus 2 days after.

As the expansion came out on November 13th 2008, guild focus was to reach 80 asap. Our mage, Frostiger was the fastest one reaching level 80 early in tne morning on November 15th as realm first. The second one on the Executus to ding 80 was also from Voodoo, rogue Solajin. On Sunday, November 16th Voodoo had enough 80s to start progressing into raid content. Voodoo achieved many server first kills in the normal mode: Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity. On November 23rd Voodoo cleared heroic version of Naxxramas obtaining unique title of the Conqueror of Naxxramas for participating raid members. On November 27th Voodoo killed Malygos in heroic difficulty thus clearing Wrath of the Lich King content. First kills race is over. Our competitors were old friends from vanilla WoW, Neophyte and TBC guild O o O.

Voodoo is now back on top as one of the best guilds on Executus.

Raid times Edit

There are 4 scheduled 25-Man Raids a week, monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday. Raid times are from 19:00 to 23:00.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment for WotLK is currently closed, however, please keep in mind that every well written application might be taken into consideration, eventhough we indicate it as closed. Check our website for more information.

Progression Edit

As of 27th November 2008, Voodoo has completed the following under its various names;

  • Outdoor Bosses Kazzak, Azuregos, Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, Ysondre, Doomwalker, Doom Lord Kazzak (server first)

Wrath of the Lich King
Raid Instance 10-men Progress 25-men Progress
Naxxramas Cleared (19.11.2008 - server first) Cleared (23.11.2008 - server first)
Vault of Archavon Cleared (16.11.2008 - server first) Cleared (21.11.2008 - server first)
The Chamber of Aspects: Obsidian Sanctum Cleared (19.11.2008 - server second) Cleared (19.11.2008 - server second)
The Nexus: Eye of Eternity Cleared (20.11.2008 - server first) Cleared (27.11.2008 - server second)
Ulduar (patch 3.1) ... ...
The Icecrown Citadel (patch 3.2) ... ...

The Burning Crusade
Raid Instance Progress
Karazhan Cleared (Server first)
Zul'aman Cleared
Gruul's Lair Cleared (Server first)
Magtheridon's Lair Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern Cleared
Tempest Keep: The Eye Cleared
The Battle for Mount Hyjal Cleared
The Black Temple Cleared
Sunwell Plateau (2/6) Brutallus

Raid Instance Progress Info
Molten Core Cleared under the name Hat Club
Blackwing Lair Cleared under the names Hat Club and Temporary, till Chrommagus on Dragonmaw, and the final bosses on Executus
Zul'Gurub Cleared
Ahn'Qirai Cleared With optional bosses
Ahn'Qirai 20 Cleared
Naxxramas 12/15 Spider, Plague, and Abomination Wings all completed (3x server first), till Four Horsemen in Deathknight Wing

This progression will quickly be subject to change as Voodoo continues to regain its pace as a raiding guild.

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