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Vital was created to be an end-game raiding guild focused on quick and steady progression through the 25 man content in the order it was ment to be.

This guild was formed on the Dark Iron server. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and progression through all available content before the WotLK expansion comes out. An application process is required to get in and only players meeting the requirements for current content are accepted. Applications can be filled out at

History Edit

The guild has been progressing steadily in its few weeks of existance and has currently cleared through Vashj with only Kael Sunstrider in its way before they hit T6 content. The guild has a strong belief that ALL content should be cleared before moving foward. While it's members are geared enough to burn through most of T6, they hold strong to that belief and keep progression at the level they are at until all bosses have been defeated.

Guild Overview Edit

Vital is a progression raid guild with the goal of constantly moving forward into bigger and better content.

[ Guidelines ]

1: Be Prepared As a member of a serious raiding guild, you should come prepared at all times. This includes all consumables (flasks, stam food, pots, etc) and anything else you might need for the raid. It is not fair to the people that farm and purchase all of their consumables to simply show up and expect someone to supply for you. This is a very important aspect of our raids and as such, we expect every member to stay on top of their own needs.

2: Follow the Leader(s) In a raid situation, you need to be aware of the job assigned to you by the raid leader and be ready to execute. Sometimes, this may go against your personal opinion on the subject, but if the raid leader is expecting you to do something, then you need to do it.

Of course, you may have a very valid strategic suggestion based on experience or observations. If this is the case, feel free to messag the raid leader of another officer. The raid leader may not always be right, but we all need to be operating on the same page.

3: Keeping Vent Clear When it comes to serious raiding, people need to be alert at all times. Part of helping people remain alert is keeping Vent clear. The server is always up, so if you want to chat with people about unrelated (non-raid) things, do so before or after the raid. As a general rule (especially in 25 mans) keep Vent clear at all times. It's understandable that conversations will arise, so when "Clear Vent" is called out, don't feel bad... simply stop talking =D.

4: DPS & Aggro While it's natural to want to top the DPS meters and post your results, this is uneccesary. We will be keeping WWS and they will be published for all to see. If you really want to compare results, use /t or use a private channel. Posting them in the main channel during raids is a distraction, and it is unneeded.

In addition, in many cases trying "too" hard to top meters (or best someone else to prove a point) can pull aggro. In higher level content, pulling aggro is the difference between a wipe and a victory. This is an incredibly important aspect to remember. If you are constantly pulling aggro, you are a a risk to our success. Part of playing your class well is knowing when and where to let loose, and when to hold back.

5: Learn Every member of the guild should be constantly striving to improve their knowledge. This means that you come to raids fully versed on different strategies for zones, bosses, trash etc. Information is easy to find, it is up to you to research and comprehend. While the raid leaders will obviously be doing this as well, it is exceptionally handy for everyone to come prepared. The less hand-holding, the better.

Officers Edit

Minim, GM 
Guild leader.

Progression Edit

Progression Matrix Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6



Gruul's Lair

Magtheridon's Lair

  • Clear


Serpentshrine Cavern

The Eye

Hyjal Summit

Black Temple

Sunwell Plateau

Horde 15 Vital Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear N,S,A,G