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ViralSymbol About Edit


Viral's Guild Logo

Viral is an Alliance-side casual raiding guild on the PvE server Lothar, whose activities also include PvP & Arena teams. Created in July 2007, Viral's goal is to participate in end-game content, while having fun doing so. We've been in Karazhan for a while, and are beginning to foray into other end-game content. We boast a medium membership of 150+ characters across 90+ accounts, and have a good core group of lv70s that raid consistently. Always trying to be fair and keep things fun, members tend to be more helpful than not, and a solid leadership keeps things running relatively smooth.

ViralSymbol Recruitment Edit

We are actively recruiting Resto Druids. All ten man content on farm and are trying to make that final push on 25 man KT. Actively running newer members through for gearing, and running Heroic Naxx every week.

We are still accepting applications for all other classes, please apply on Viral's website,

To fill out an application go here, or speak to an Officer in-game.

ViralSymbol Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Zul'Aman: Sunday, 2:00pm
  • Gruul's Lair: Monday, 8:00pm to Midnight
  • Karazhan: Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:00pm to Midnight (currently running 2 groups)
    • All times are server time, EST
    • Invites begin at approximately 30 minutes before actual raid time.
    • In the event that there are enough people online, pick-up raids are also a possibility.

ViralSymbol Guild rules & requirementsEdit

Guild Rules

  • Treat everyone as you would want to be treated
  • Guild chat is a mostly free-speech zone, and there is NO reporting people for anything said in guild chat. You will be kicked if you do this.
    • The exception to the free-speech rule is anything racist, discriminatory, exceptionally vulgar or directly hurtful to another guild member. Violations of these kinds will be handled on a case-by-case basis, since guild chat can get quite rowdy some days.

Guild Bank

  • The guild bank has 4 purchased tabs, and a wide variety of items. Items/gold must be requested through an Officer, and the player requesting must have a valid reason for the request.
    • Guild mats will not be supplied to someone simply trying to level a profession, nor will gold.
    • Guild mats may be provided for creating gear required for raiding, at the discretion of the Officers.
    • The player requesting must be in good standing with the guild and have proven him/herself through actions and behavior.
  • Donations of and for the creation of raid consumables are readily accepted.
    • This includes but is not limited to: trade mats, items to disenchant, pots, flasks, elixirs, armor kits, etc.

Raid Rules

  • This is a casual raiding guild, raid participation is not demanded or expected.
  • If you want a spot in a raid, you must be signed up on the guild's main site, or your chances of getting in are going to be very slim.
    • If you are late for raid time, you will have to wait for someone to volunteer to swap out. Also, you must notify the raid leader that you'd like in. Don't assume you'll be invited, you have to speak up.
  • You must come prepared for raids! That means all have all stat foods, ammo, and reagents (ankhs, candles, etc.) needed before you are summoned.
  • Ventrilo is required for raids, at the very least for the ability to hear the raid leader's assignments. You can go here to download the Ventrilo Client. This is not negotiable.
  • The latest versions of Omen Threat Meter and Deadly Boss Mods are heavily encouraged for those wanting to raid.
  • DKPS is not currently in use, loot rolls are handled on usable class & degree of upgrade. (subject to change)

ViralSymbol Officers Edit

Guild Master
BelgariionWarlock, Guild Founder, Recruitment Officer, Distina's whipping boy. (a.k.a. Beritius, Shaman)
Officer Elite
AxissRogue, Class Leader, resident PvP advisor, Captain of 5v5 Arena team "Viral Infection"
DistinaPaladin, Bel's owner & disciplinarian
EllenwynPriest, Ventrilo owner, Maiden's personal f&&k toy.
ImpulzeWarlock, Class Leader, Raid group planner & scheduler
StonebiterPaladin, a.k.a. 'Petunia'
War Chief
AltarboiPaladin, Class Leader
AzrakHunter, Pureheaven's proper… err, husband
MoonmystDruid, Class Leader, knows damn near everything about WoW
PureheavenPriest, Azrak's wife & owner

ViralSymbol Guild progress Edit