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Created on May 28, 2005, Violent was formed from a myriad of smaller guilds. Starting as a PvP-oriented guild with Orlian as GM, Violent was well known as a strong world PvP and BG guild. However, later in the year, the focus of the guild shifted slightly toward PvE with its first steps into Molten Core. Violent closed and shifted to Violent on June 27, 2007.


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Gruul Down - Violent Style

A myriad of Shadow Legion, Gore Squad, and Clan iSi, Violent was created to live up to its name but to do it in a broader scope then just against players, but to the very fabric of Azeroth.

Previous GMs/OfficersEdit

Previous GMs: Orlian, Ariakas, Roghoul
Previous Officers: Maryste, Spear, Steelclash, Fawani, Hossmaster, Orlian, Ariakas, Greyhorn, Flossie, Ciko, Alfetta

Gishare coupEdit

A dark chapter in Violent history that still echoes in the distance. In Violent's first steps into MC, an experienced raid leader was brought in to get us started. Gishare was that raid leader. Gishare (orc rogue) took Violent to Majordomo Executus in a relatively short time. However, his success was only shadowed by his selfish loot zeal, which quickly made him quite the unpopular fellow (especially among rogues). When Gishare's selfishness and lust for power reached its zenith, he attempted to take select members to form his own guild <Trucido>. While many members thought this was the end of Violent, most of the members that left came back, and Gishare's plan was quashed.

He left the server.

Ariakas eraEdit

After Gishare's departure, strong leadership was needed to bind together the fragile guild. Ariakas fit the bill. Under his leadership, Violent not only pushed through the hard times, but exceeded the expectations of all those that thought we would fail. Ragnaros was slain, and the guild explored Blackwing Lair. And thus, the Whackamole debacle begins...

Whackamole coupEdit

During the Gishare coup, the main tank (Eatkittens aka leetkittens) left with Gishare. A new tank was recruited, Whackamole.

At first, Whackamole was a very benign member. However, as time progressed, Whackamole wanted more then the seemingly "limitations" of our officers. And so, he followed the example of Gishare. However, his coup was such a failure that a grand total of 7 members left. Some of these departures were key classes, and as such Violent was set back in its Nefarian slaying goal.

And thus ended the materialistic and egotistic MT era.

The great Nefarian campaignEdit

It was decided amongst officers that the guild was stretched thin, and there was lack of focus during practice of the Nefarian encounter.

The great Nefarian Campaign was born. The guild set aside all other instance raiding and focused solely on the Nefarian downing. A huge amount of consumables were farmed for the event, and a flawless execution of Nefarian occurred.

The imfamous "Phase 4" occured on the first downing of Nefarian. The raid was to line up next to the head of Nefarian. However, due to lag/glitch, half the raid saw the head in a different position, making lining up for a screenshot of the kill next to impossible.


Special thanks to Nuum and Resshin for providing the screenshots.

This article was written by Steelclash.

Rules FAQ and additional Officer/Class Leader data added from the Guild Violent Rules FAQ posted on the forums at

Guild screenshotsEdit

First Violent HWL
Celebration of the first Onyxia Kill
Learning Firemaw, some harder then others
Nefarian's days are numbered
Violent, new school

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