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Overview Edit

Brief History Edit

Originally founded by Klextin and Daktari as a smaller raiding guild, Vinii Vidi Vici (V3) has become a force to be reckoned with. With over 150 individual members, and over 200 level 80 toons in the guild, V3 has become quite the end-game raiding guild. It is not uncommon for run multiple 10 and 25 man ICC raids to run simultaneously each week.

With the large number of end-game geared 80s putting together a raid has never been easier, but V3 also ventures into PvP. They have become well known to various Horde guilds due to their "If it's red, it's dead" policy. And River's Heart has frequently erupted with all out bloody war when V3 decides to go fishing.

Raiding Edit


Primary 25 man raids tend to take place around 7pm server time on weekdays. 10 mans run periodically throughout the week at various times, but are mostly run Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Loot System

V3 uses a silent bid DKP system to distribute loot.