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Guild Information Edit

Alliance 15 Vindicatum is an Alliance World of Warcraft raiding guild on the Icecrown server. We maintain a competitive raid team on a true three-day-a-week schedule. We think that lower raid times are no reason to fail to clear all available content in a timely fashion.

We raid because we enjoy raiding and the people we raid with. That said, our goal as a guild is to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it’s time to get serious, we do so. We strive to make our raids as efficient as possible in a relatively laid back environment.

Challenge modes and PvP are both at the player’s discretion, but you’ll find interested players here. PvP is a secondary concern to us, but we have several multi-season Gladiators in the guild.

Raid Philosophy Edit

The number one goal of our raids is to progress as fast and efficiently as possible. To accomplish this raid spots will be competitive. This means that the most qualified person will get priority if overflow in raid creation happens.

If you have an inferior talent spec (depending on your job during raids), flat out don't pay attention or do your job or have extremely low attendance you will most likely not receive a raid spot over someone who does not have the above problems.

With that being said, we play this game for fun; do not let the above description make you think that our raids are a cutthroat competition for items. We just expect a high level of skill out of our members. If you aren't performing at the level you should be, ask for help if need be and work on improving.

We do not force talent specs or attendance but we expect our members to do their primary raid role well.

Primary Raid Roles Edit

  • Druids: heal, backup tank, crowd control
  • Mage: decurse, damage
  • Warlock: damage, utility, crowd control
  • Warrior: tank, damage
  • Rogue: damage
  • Shaman: heal, damage
  • Priest: heal, damage
  • Paladin: heal, backup tank
  • Hunter: pulling, damage

If you don't like your raid class role then don't expect a raid spot.

Loot Edit

Loot is always of secondary concern in Vindicatum. It is a means to an end, and that end is being able to raid more difficult encounters. We believe that a fair distribution of loot enhances our ability to raid, so if you are a "loot whore", or only want to be "dripping in epix", we are not the guild for you.

Vindicatum is currently exploring the use of a Loot Council for distributing loot, with a softDKP system to keep track of attendance. We feel this would allow fair distribution of loot, and maintain a focus on fast raid progress.

Things considered when bidding for an item:

Being on time for raids Being present for boss kills Being present for new content learning Being present at the end of a raid

Note to applicants: Please review the DKP note under Recruitment Policies.

Guild Raid Times Edit

> Sunday - 6-10:15p
> Monday - 7-10:15p
> Tuesday - Off
> Wednesday - 7-10:15p
> Thursday - Off
> Friday - Off
> Saturday - Off

Server time - Mountain Standard Time

The GMOTD will have the latest information of when and where.

Guild Policies Edit

Attendance Edit

There is no forced attendance per se but do not expect to get a raid spot if you come once a month and a high attendance member needs the spot.

Applying to Other Guilds Edit

You will not apply to any other guilds with the Vindicatum tag. If you wish to apply to another guild remove yourself.

French Canadians Edit

French Canadians are special, as such we have a "donate to your local French Canadian" fund system. Where we as a guild have decided to help Dunkhan, get by on hard end of month financial issues. We willingly donate 2g a month to him. Helping him thus, to continue on this most sacred path which the lord has beset him on.

P.S. That was edited by Dunkhan. No one likes him. Love, Sep.

Guild Bank Edit

The guild bank collects all gold, mats, and pots from our raids. Full members can request bijous, coins, etc. for completing their set pieces and quests.

Item Priority Edit

When it comes to classes with multiple roles there will be priority on certain items. Sorry, no hunters with Thunderfury. This just means that warriors get their tanking rings/neck before druids and warlocks get their damage gear before a priest. This is not a very strict rule and it's basically just common sense.

Playing Your Own Character Edit

It's simple, if you ask someone to play your character for you they will not be eligible to get loot for you unless the item is going to rot. There are no exceptions.

Silence is Golden Edit

We do not tolerate flame wars. Do not create posts or respond to posts dealing with the guild. Our progress will be reported through the website and the Icecrown raid progression thread only. Also, avoid guild related issues in general chat.

Sitting Out of Raids Edit

Due to the competitiveness for spots in our raids, individuals may be asked to sit out of the raid based on the raid needs.

Class Recruitment Status Edit

List based on need:

  • Druid: Closed
  • Hunter: Closed
  • Mage: Closed
  • Paladin: Closed
  • Priest: Closed
  • Rogue: Closed
  • Shaman: Closed
  • Warlock: Closed
  • Warrior: Closed

Note: Even if a class has a low need or is closed, exceptional players will not be turned away.

Recruitment Policies Edit

You must be level 70 to apply. When you apply to Vindicatum, you must withdraw all applications with other guilds. We're looking for dedicated raiders that will stick with the guild.

During the first phase of recruitment, for roughly two weeks, you will raid with us unguilded. The length of your unguilded trial is determined by the amount of raids you attend.

If feedback from your class leader after this phase is positive, you will be invited into the guild under a trial membership. You will be able to see guild chat, meet the other members of Vindicatum, and see if you fit in with our culture.

During the second phase of recruitment, again for roughly two weeks, you will raid with us with the tag. Again, the length of your guilded trial is determined by the amount of raids you attend.

At the end of your recruitment, there will be a vote; if you receive a 90% or better vote in your favor, you will be tagged as a full member of Vindicatum.

Note about loot: During your trial period, you may bid on any item. However, you will have the lowest priority on items. Once you become full member, you will have full access on all items.

Apply Edit

If you have read all of our policies and are interested in joining Vindicatum fill out an application.

After applying to Vindicatum you must then contact an officer or class leader in game. We will not contact you.

Class Leaders / Officers Edit

  • Druid : Copy
  • Hunter : Azarak
  • Mage : Phox
  • Paladin : Nykassa
  • Priest : Mackabre
  • Rogue : Deathbiscuit
  • Shaman : Mahaha
  • Warlock : Scrying
  • Guild Leader : Neurth

If you can't contact of your class leader at the time, send a tell to any members that are online.

External links Edit

Vindicatum's Website

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