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Guild Overview Edit

villain was created to give mature, raid focused individuals on Whisperwind a place to realize their end-game content goals.

Our focus is on guild unity, raid progression, and most importantly, having fun in WoW. Some players enjoy creating many alts, while others are addicted to PvP. Our love is raiding, and as such, guild policies were created to aid us in progressing through end game content in a fast, proficient manner, while keeping petty loot squabbles, personality conflicts, and other distractions to a minimum.

While this all sounds very serious, our members also enjoy their WoW 'life' outside of raiding. We have a strong PvP contingent as well as a group of people who love 5 and 20 man instances.

Villain had the Horde first in killing C'Thun in AQ40.

Guild Information Edit

Horde 15 Horde, Whisperwind US realm

  • Guild Leader: Sterne
  • Guild Officers: Jaida, Kon, Jerzetta, Tazendra, Clang, Fullmetalmoo

External Links Edit

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