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Victims of UC Elevator is a long lived casual guild on Quel'dorei. Victims of UC Elevator is named for the bug in the Undercity elevator that can cause players to fall to their death or be mysteriously teleported to a lake in Stonetalon Mountains. Victims is a family friendly guild serving to provide an example of fair play and mentoring.

Overview Edit

Guild History Edit

In early 2006, some dudes had a dream. Ask Sohhet for details. reformed 5/28/2008 after a weird bug that disbanded us.

Guild Philosophy Edit

Victims has a reputation of being a friendly, helpful guild and works to preserve that reputation. While loot always matters, fairness and kindness superceed desire for loot.

Guild Administration Edit

Victims is administered by the guild officers, who share the responsibility and the authority to award promotions for valor and generosity and invoke demotions or removals for poor conduct.

Raid and Guild Event Guidelines Edit

Raiding as a casual guild is not an exact science. There is no rigid structure that guild members must accept as part of their membership. Victims has always raided and experience has shown that you cannot coerce a raiding guild structure upon a casual guild. Raiding will continue to be an important part of gearing and enjoyment for Victims members. Our raiding should continue to feel casual but structured. It is vital to have a set of guidelines for raid formation, attendance and loot rules to fall back upon when unique circumstances arise. It is stressed that guild equity is more valuable that raid progression. Progression comes naturally but we progress as a guild. We are currently experimenting with allowing any Victims member to schedule guild events. That privilege may be removed should the experiment fail. An ideal situation would be a progression raid and a gearing raid let by the alts of the progression raid. We are not at that point but it is a lofty goal.

  • Scheduling

Due to our current class dynamic, it is not possible to schedule constant raiding days and times but most progression raids are taking place weekend afternoons and evenings. Every attempt will be made to schedule progression raids at least 5 days in advance. If possible, please check the calendar early in the week for possible invites. As people may schedule real life around scheduled events, the event times must not change. The scheduled raid time is not the raid formation time, it is the time for the raid to begin. Raid formation will begin 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid time. All those interested should be logged in and ready to raid 15 minutes prior to the raid time.

  • Attendance

Precedence for the raid will always be given to those that accepted the raid invite over those that were tentative. Declined or abstained will be selected before pugging a position. Again, those involved in the raid should be ready to form 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid time. 15 minutes prior scheduled raid time, the raid leader will begin invites based up the raid structure rules below. Should the raid leader be unavailable, a guild officer will begin forming the raid following the same rules.

  • Raid Structure

Casual guild raiding still requires a plan, raid structure and responsibility on the part of it's members. Any 10 or 25 man raid will require tanks, healers and DPS.

  • Loot Rules

Standard loot rules apply. Main Spec > Off Spec > Disenchant > vendor. If you were asked to attend the raid in an off spec capacity, your main spec roll will be honored.

PvP Program Edit

  • PvP is not required to be a Victim but many players enjoy poking the alliance.
  • Wintergrasp

PvE Program Edit

Victims on the Web Edit

Guild Website: [1] Guild Progress: [2]

Guild Rules Edit

Victims of UC Elevator Rules and Regulations

By Salzo (first draft) Special thanks to Guild:PUG Allstars (Nathrezim US) for a fine example of Rules for conduct.

Welcome. These are the Rules – please read them and ask questions if you don’t understand them.


We place high value on respect in Victims, which means treating your fellow players with respect, whether in game or on any public forums. If you can't be polite, don't speak. As a member of Victims you share an identity with all of us members. It is not just your name above your head but ours as well. To that end, here are some basic guidelines of conduct:

1) Victims is a tolerant guild. There is no room in Victims for offensive language or actions taken on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or national origin. This includes using slurs based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual identity. Please think before you use any term that might be included in that description.
2) Victims is family friendly and language in guild chat and Ventrilo should be kept at an approximate PG-13 level until 11:oopm server. Guild chat is not a locker room.
3) Unethical playing. Those caught using exploits, hacking, ninja-ing, intentionally wiping a group or otherwise playing unethically will be dealt with. (Note: unethical playing includes botting -- don't do that.)
4) Spamming/Trolling. Whether in general chat, guild chat, yells, Ventrilo, guild forums, or the official forums, spamming (other than for recruiting purposes) is annoying and is meant to disrupt the normal flow of conversation. Don't do it. The same goes for trolling in any public forum — please do not do this. You represent all of us, remember that.

Victims is primarily a casual guild and thus has several ranks of membership, mostly for organizational purposes and to mitigate losses in the guild vault should an account become compromised. Victims has had the guild vault robbed on more than one occasion so we err on the side of caution concerning upper level guild vault access. These are the current categories:

GM: Sohhet
Officers: Founding members or long standing leaders in the guild. Perform guild bank duties and guild maintenance. The Wow Armory can provide a list of current officers to contact.
Members: This includes all players from Floor 1 to Floor 6.
Trial Members: We promise review of all new members inside of a month, after you have been able to join us for a run or two.
Alt Membership: Victims is an Alt friendly guild but we do request that stagnant Alts be removed and that Alt membership requires at least a level of 20.

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