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Vicious Business is a casual guild with good members and a lot of good times. Our primary focus has been leveling. With the release of WoTLK we have moved from a PvP server to a PvE Server and we have moved forward into higher level content to include Heroic Badge farming, Honor Farming, Achievements and Raiding.

This guild was originally formed in 2007 on Burning Legion US, and on November 1, 2008 moved to Korialstrasz US to pursue more PvE related content. It is dedicated towards having fun. We understand that this is fun game, and consider it a social environment. We only recruit people who want to have a good time. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact any member in game.

In January 2009, Vicious Business showed up for the first time as being ranked in the top 50 guilds on the Korialstrasz Server by information that is published by WarCrafter.Net

Guild Motto Edit

When you think no ones watching, we'll be there... When your worried someone is, that's us.

Guild progress Edit

  • Naxxramas - Weekly raids are in full swing. We are in 10 man Naxx every week as a full guild run. Every now and then we PUG from a few other guilds if we are missing one of our own. We attempt to spread the raiding out over the entire week, rather than take it down in one or two days.
  • Obsidian Sanctum - Weekly raids are in full swing. We clear 10 man OS every week.
  • Vault of Archavon - Weekly raids are in full swing. We clear 10 man Vault every week when we have WG.

Also, Heroics are run on a daily basis. We constantly farm heroics for Gear, Orbs and Emblems of Heroism. On many days 3 or 4 Heroics are run including the daily.

History Edit

Guild Name: Vicious Business

Meaning: Vicious –adjective 1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate: a vicious life. 2. given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal. 3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception. 4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.

Business –noun 1. an occupation, profession, or trade: His business is poultry farming.

Faction: Horde

Server: Korialstrasz

Region: US

Formed in: 2007

The guild was formed in 2007 by the founding members who all actually knew each other in real life. The origianl guild was called Silver Dragons and was dis-banned because Gadie and Xlana did not know if they would continue playing World of Warcraft. Lumath and Amahimah decided that they would start a new guild and settled on the name Vicious Business. The charter was signed, turned in, and a new era had begun.

Gadie and Xlana did in fact continue to play WoW after a short hiatus and were the first officers in the guild. After a short time Obnixus another good friend joined the guild and became an officer. The guild continued to grow and eventually formed into a leveling guild. In November of 2007 the guild achieved its presence in cyberspace with the creation of its website. In March of 2007 the guild hit a 100 member mark.

Vicious Business previously being focused as a leveling guild has not participated in any raiding or PvP content. In mid 2008 Vicious Business re-structured itself to be a leveling and raiding guild. A vent server was added in June of 2008, a full web page re-design occured shortly afterwards when Lumath aquired the domain name

In October of 2008 a few more turns took place. While in the pursuit of more in game content the guild leaders decided to move the guild to a PvE server. The GM moved the guild to the Korialstrasz server on November 1, 2008. Those members that wanted to pursue pure PvE game content moved to that server and those that wanted to remain in a PvP environment remained on Burning Legion. Rather than disband a large 100+ member guild the reigns to the Burning Legion guild were turned over to Mavericka, a long time member of the guild on that server. A second website and vent server were put online in support of the guild on Burning Legion. In early 2009 the original Vicious Business Guild on Burning Legion was all by disbanded as the members decided to move to Korialstrasz to re-form with the founders. Vicious Business as it stands today is stronger then ever and pursues all end game content.

In Early 2009 the focus of the guild was turned once again, this time towards raiding and end game content. We consider ourselves to be casual with what we like to call a hard core twist. It was during this time that Obnixus, followed shortly thereafter by Caleda left Vicious Business to form their own guild dedicated towards leveling players rather than the raiding aspects of the game.

Shortly thereafter Vicious Business became a top 50 ranked guild, as reported by on the Korialstrasz Server. Although we focus more on the raiding and end game aspects rather than leveling we continue to grow and enjoy the game. We no longer recruit players that are below level 60 and have a strict activity policy, although we do on occasion end up with a low member, mainly as an alt of an existing member.

The guild continues to grow and move forward in its role and looks forward to the what the future has to offer.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Daily, 7:00 PM Server - Typically we run 2 or 3 Heroics on a daily basis
  • M-W-Sun 7:00 PM Server - Ulduar
  • M-W-Sun 7:00 PM Server - Naxxramas
  • Tue/Fri 7:00 PM Server - Obsidian Sanctum

Guild rules Edit

Rules regarding General Conduct

  • You will be respectful of all members of the WoW community, and especially your guild mates. You agree to abide by the "golden rule", which is to treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • As long as you wear our guild tag above your head, you represent the guild as a whole. Do not behave in a manner that tarnishes our reputation as a guild. I would really prefer the guild to be known for what we are good at, then be known for some stupid shit.
  • Begging will not be tolerated. It's ok to ask for things from time to time, but flagrant begging is not acceptable. If someone chooses to give you an item or coin, that is up to them. Guild members are expected to make reasonable attempts to help each other, but no member is required to do so. If you need high level items some form of compensation should be given to the person that gives it to you.

Rules regarding Guild Chat or Vent

  • Guild chat should be fun and please don't take it too seriously! Vulgar language, racial jokes, meat head comments, etc, all have a place in guild chat. During the game, we will all demonstrate Jewish behavior from time to time. The epithet: "omfg don't be a jew!" is not anymore anti-Semitic than "omfg dont be gay!" is homophobic, and therefore should not be taken literally. If someone seems to have offended you please ask them to change their behavior... if you think they are continuing to act like a jackass in some way, report it to the Guild Masters for resolution.
  • Be mindful of others on Vent when it comes to other conversations or group activities. In other words if there is a group running or doing something together don't jump in and start a conversation with them. Likewise, unless you are invited do not jump into a Raid or Party channel that has other members in it unless you are invited.

Rules regarding Grouping

  • Ninja looting will not be tolerated! If you are found to be a ninja looter, you will be removed from the guild! Examples of ninja looting are rolling on BOP items which you can't use or looting the contents of chests that have not been rolled on.
  • If you are in an all guild group, you will use the group loot system.
  • Loot will be distributed on a "need before greed" basis. For example, if a piece of plate mail drops, it goes to a plate user in the group. If that group member does not need the item, otherwise the loot is given to the person with the highest roll. If there is an enchanter in the group they can ask the other members for a need to disenchant. It is up to the group as whole if that will occur.
  • All chests will be rolled for, and the contents given to the person with the highest roll. The contents of the chest belong to that person, and what they choose to do with them is their choice.
  • Realize that people may have limited time to play the game. If a group member has to leave in the middle of a group, even in an instance, that is not a reason to insult or flame them. If you know ahead of time that your play time is limited, you will let the other group members know before you get started.

Rules regarding Membership

  • We strive to have an active guild, but we understand that this is a game and that not everyone can play as often as some of us, and that some people have a real life. The one thing we do appreciate is that everyone registers with the website and checks in periodically so we know you are still around. Besides there is lots of cool information here.
  • We accept all creeds, sexes, races, but realize that by joining Vicious Business you are agreeing to be an ACTIVE member. This means that those who let their characters idle for more than 30 days without notifying the guild leadership that you will be on extended leave will be flagged for the inactive list and eventual removal from the guild.
  • As of January 2008, we no longer accept any members that are not at least level 60 or higher and are active participants of the guild. Special arrangements may be made for lower level characters but we take it on a case by case basis.
  • Our loot system is designed to get the lower level players geared as fast as possible. We loot according to class/spec first and foremost, then we loot by need. When most of the players achieve the required gear rating we will loot according to those set forth under the rules of Suicide Kings.

Officers Edit

This is a list of the primary Officers. If you are interested in contacting the guild for any reason you may look for these players in game.

Pauridius, Guild Master 
Guild Leader/Healing Class Officer.
Alectril, Senior Officer 
Senior Officer.
Ugrimis, Class Officer 
Protections Warriors
Altross, Class Officer 
Druids/Death Knight Tanks
Magerius, Class/Raid Officer 
Meverick, Class Officer  
Death Knight DPS

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