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Vengeance was formed in 2005 as an end-game PVE raiding guild. Today, Vengeance has become more casual, but still a home for many of its long-time members.

Overview Edit

Vengeance was the result of the reforming of the guild Inquisition, which again had its roots in the guild Protectors of Azeroth.

Guild Progress Edit

Level 60 dungeons:

Outdoor raid bosses:
Often done with friends from other guilds

Level 70 dungeons:

History Edit

After the forming of Vengeance in 2005, raiding began with Molten Core. After defeating Ragnaros, the guild went on to Blackwing Lair where Vaelastrasz the Corrupt proved to be one of the biggest challenges the guild had met so far. After clearing Blackwing Lair, the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj waited. Twin Emperors and the end-boss C'Thun were among the biggest challenges there. Since noone really could pronounce C'Thun, he was quickly renamed Steve within the guild; a name that sticked to him.

Naxxramas was the next target, but after seeing good progress, The Burning Crusade began to lurk in the distance. December 2006 would be the last time Vengeance raided Naxxramas, and planning for the expansion were taking place.

When The Burning Crusade were released, raiding size were cut down to 25 man. The guild didn't want to cut down its size, so initially it planned to make four 10-man raiding groups. The administration of this combined with other factors, proved to be too much to handle, which lead to a very drastic decision: Cutting down its number of members.

During a guildmeeting, the cut in members were made official. This turned out to be a very emotional event for many members: both those staying in the guild and especially those who were kicked. To make matters worse, the cut down in members wasn't enough to keep the raiding going, and by spring 2007, the guild went casual.

Today, the guild still exists and has begun doing some casual raiding. Many old time members are still there, keeping the essence of Vengeance alive.

Vengeance bwl

Vengeance standing at Nefarian in Blackwing Lair

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No specific schedule at the moment.

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  • Hammertime
  • Skumner