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Horde guild on the Llane server. Vengeance was created by former Hell Legion members. The guild currently runs Molten Core and recently began Blackwing Lair whereby taming the untamed Razorgore and moving on to Vael. Yes, That's right! You heard it correctly Ragnaros was down to 6% before the sons appeared and only our second time facing him.

Vengeance was born 8/31/06.

First of all let me say that Vengeance was a group creation to have fun while raiding. Vengeance was formed by former Hell Legion members. I want to welcome all to the guild and hope that together we can make this a home for those who want to be in a serious raiding guild. We are by no means a hard core raid guild but on the other hand we are a serious raiding guild. Our future is bright as we progress into MC, BWL, ONY and Naxx. We are planning to be a guild of the future meaning, ready for the new Exspansion pack coming out soon with the 25 man raids. With the guild working together toward a common goal we can go far and have fun doing it. Once again welcome all, old and new friends.

Vengeance is on the loose!

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