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Vanguard of Valor is a Family/RP Guild geared toward mature players interested in a fun, friendly atmostphere.

Overview Edit

The Vanguard of Valor is one of the oldest and steadiest roleplaying guilds on Darkmoon Faire, with over three years of existence. We are known for both our plentiful events and our ability to conquer raiding feats, while still remaining a casual, relaxed guild for adults. If you are looking for not only a temporary guild, but a home where you can feel comfortable and really a part of the guild, then the Vanguard might be the right place for you.

Guild Progress Edit

Our guild's primary aim is at creating a friendly atmosphere for our guildmembers. The Vanguard is not a hardcore raiding guild, however we do conduct regular, relaxed raids. Our current progress is defeating both the Lich King and Halion in normal ten-man environment.

History Edit

The Vanguard of Valor was founded in January 2007 after it became clear that there was a demand for a guild dedicated toward the adult community on Darkmoon Faire. Only players over the age of 18 are allowed to join, and the Vanguard's members appreciate the company of others who understand the responsibilities of jobs, families, and the real world.

The guild was originally founded by Jonathyn and Taleen Whitemane, who retired in early 2009. The guild leadership was transferred to two officers, Saranini and Slashcat, in a similar co-leading pattern.

What do we offer Edit

  • Active, adult member base to chat, instance and otherwise interact with
  • At least one weekly roleplaying event
  • At least one weekly raid to whatever content is considered current
  • Lots of questionable humour, both IC and OOC

Guild Goals and Policies Edit

Our Goals

  • To provide a home for similarly-minded individuals interested in a family of mature players.
  • To promote and engage in roleplaying whenever possible so as to help enrich the server environment as a whole with the eventual goal of one day being regarded as the flagship roleplaying guild of the server.
  • To act as a counterweight to the annoying kiddies who enjoy polluting our world with their idiotic antics.
  • To have as much fun in the world of Azeroth as possible while at the same time helping others share in the fun.

Our Policies

We are a roleplaying guild. Our guild chat is completely IC, smilies, leetspeak and brackets have no place in there. We have an OOC channel which is used for OOC purposes, so keep the guild chat clean of it. We do not want to see or hear of our members talking OOC in /say or /yell either, respecting the server rules is an absolute must. Each and every member represents the guild, so we want them to act accordingly. Be polite and treat others like you would like to be treated. We do not take reports of our members being rude, ninjaing items or disturbing the RP, lightly.

Have some patience when it comes to your guildmates. We are generally very helpful, but constant begging for boosts or items is not looked well upon. Understand that each and every member have their own lives outside of the game and inside of the game might have things they prefer to do first. No temper tantrums, even if no-one responds immediately when you need something. We want people who genuinely enjoy the company of fellow guild members and the time they spend with them.

This is a guild for people over 18, who also can act their age. So if you have the need to cause constant drama, be the centre of attention at all times and can't really think of anything else than your own needs, then this guild is definitely not the right fit for you. Treat others with respect and control yourself. Real adults can always discuss things with reason. We are not all serious, there is room for inane humour and friendly teasing, but everyone knows when the fun ends.

Recruitment Edit

Officers are happy to answer any questions you might have about us, be it about joining us or other matters like possible co-operation between guilds. You apply through the website, and it is also a great source of information, do visit if you are thinking of joining us. Make sure to read our policies thoroughly before applying, and make sure you understand the concept of the half-IC, half-OOC application. Your application will never be public, but viewed by officers only. New members will be screened, vetted, and subject to a trial period. Your application will be the first contact to us, so make it good.

Officers Edit

Hasty, High Lady
Asmofenrir, Quartermaster
Oastro, Ambassador

Valorguards Edit

These are the senior members of the Vanguard, promoted to the highest non-officer rank.

  • Asverze
  • Avellis
  • Catscratch
  • Corellion
  • Crowhurst
  • Duranin
  • Gnollengrom
  • Falthera
  • Keldin
  • Khallos
  • Leoj
  • Lumié
  • Mooki
  • Mundin
  • Norna
  • Nymroth
  • Oastro
  • Parrish
  • Peam
  • Pibbur
  • Scalgore
  • Shayler
  • Triell
  • Unclerichard
  • Yaku