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VAMPIRUS is a "casual raiding guild", encompassing a wide variety of playstyles.

We are a guild dedicated to the ever-difficult role of balancing high-end raiding with real life and family. Yes, we plan to see all high-end content, but we prefer to do it on our own timeline. Our purpose is to enable casual players to see what they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to see, and our golden rule is "MUTUAL RESPECT FOR ALL! For more information go to our website In-game Officer Contacts: Lurid, Natema, or Moyra

Guild progress Edit

Recruitment Status Edit

We are currently recruiting most classes for our raid team. For more information and to fill out an application, please visit our recruitment forum

History Edit

Recently celebrating our 3rd birthday, <VAMPIRUS> was formed on March 26, 2005, and is one of the oldest and longest-standing guilds on Dalaran.

Shortly after it's inception, the Guildmaster shared a story of how the idea for the guild and its philosophy were born:

I am going to tell you a true story. You can gather from it what you will but you will never, ever forget it. This is long overdue and needs to be told...

What you will read next will most likely thrill you in a way you have never been thrilled...

This is taken and partially inspired from the movie, Gladiator:

...And there was an idea called Rome, it was but a whisper, a notion in the breeze, an idea so fragile in its beginnings that one dared not speak it for fear it would fade away. The idea was for a better place founded on the things that made life true and worth living. Noble was its birth and redeemed was its occurrences as its progression unfolded...

There was a certain young magus, young in the ways of the game and entirely on his own with his 34 coppers making his way in Deathknell, the starting area of the undead. Everything had to be learned the hard way other than 30 silver pieces for some armor and spell training given early in the game by his in-game brother.

Life went on for some time, and leveling occurred, with much much dying, the natural process of things. Tenth level then Twenty, all without a guild based on a promise that was made to stay guildless until a group of friends would later eventually, or so the plan went, form one with a total of ten people. Thirtieth level and yet not guilded, not that it was the focus, but a promise was kept. This other guild never happened, again not a big deal but reverence was still maintained. Gear and money were low due to training costs being high and vendoring mostly everything. The auction house to sell things was never mentioned, places to grind experience were never mentioned. Level 33 came and a certain guild leader who had pressed incessantly finally got his way after asking too many times. The decision was made by default since the other friends had unspokenly joined another guild.

Then the learning process of hard trial and error started, all of which, mind you, was welcomed. Sometimes one must put oneself through torture to endure the hardships to appreciate the reward later. The idea began to form, the whisper, the calling for doing things in a different way, (notice I did not say better, I do not want to be critical)...

The time came where some money began to amass and gear and the formation and structuring of the dream. The faint calling of the whisper beckoned and the things happening around the young magus only reinforced what needed to be done at some point. There was a need to be filled, and someone had to step-up. Others would follow.

He listened well to conversations about upper levels not helping lower levels. One would think this might later result in what was happening in guilds all over Azeroth, or at the very least on Dalaran Horde. But it was just a theory. As ideas and goals started to change about mounts, gear and rushing to the end game or end cap, guilds were abandoned by some of the higher levels to join new larger guilds of almost all high levels to get results from end-game in peace. This worked well for a while.

...[There came a time in Rome when the barbarians took over and the Senate was corrupted, the wars were almost finished and deterioration had set-in.]...

The pieces of a puzzle started to form--keep it simple, help people, have fun, give a hand-up not a hand-out...all ideas that formed a steady whisper.

The young magus created an alternate character to lead this fight and gather those around him to lead the charge. The idea of walking someone through something was not the expectation but helping where one could because they had walked the minefield before. Walk in the shoes of those before you. Become friends with those around you who you enjoy spending your spare time with and be merry. No need for strife or drama.

<VAMPIRUS> was formed on a stark night with Vladracul at level 3, with no believability, but a dream of possiblities in mind. Ten were gathered, the charter began and was signed, and the whisper was spoken at last.

Those of you who trust in us, and in me will not be disappointed, I can assure you of that. There is knowledge of things to come that will intrigue you, excite you and inspire you. The capacity of this wonderful game is there to be had -- all we need to do in the words of Grydin to me this morning, is believe, and connect the dots to what we are becoming and do what we have been doing. The world is our oyster and opened unto us can accomplish anything we desire.

Drink in deeply from the collective cup and keep the whisper in your ear of a better place and it is our reality. Let us do things with conviction and fairness and patience.

Sometimes when you read a book a second time the meaning becomes apparent and everclear. Hidden in our ranks are 200 (and growing) level 60's and many who have friends and main characters who are level 60 and have game experience. They have been through the trials of fire and know what perils are out there and have chosen to make our guild their home. I know you have made the right choice. And time will prove us right.

Let us connect the dots to the end game and be patient with each other and encourage each other with help to advance in levels -- that is how sixty will happen or whatever you choose. Maybe it is 300 in a certain profession.

Regardless of what happens, you can count on some things from me, the young magus:

We are committed to doing all final game dungeons. We are still growing in membership steadily. Our collective power makes us stronger. Our wisdom and capacity to help others intensifies. My commitment to each of you is there and will not diminish.

The whisper of an idea became <VAMPIRUS> and we are here for a purpose, let us...

...Connect the dots...

"We will show them something they have never seen..." ~~Gladiator

This is what you are a part of--welcome to your future!

My peace to you, and please never forget what I have written,
Vladracul / Lurid.

Guild rules Edit

  • No swearing in guild chat or the general lobby of our Teamspeak server.
  • Show mutual respect for all
  • Raiding is not required, but if you decide that you'd like to raid, it is to be treated as a commitment. You will be held responsible for signing up for raids, attending raids that you've signed up for, meeting stat requirements as posted on our guild website, showing up on time and ready with consumables and reagents. This applies to all members, with more stringent rules in place for those voluntarily committing to our Raider rank.
  • Loot rules follow a general random roll system, with preference given to Main Spec, Main Character rolls first; Off-Spec and Alt Characters second, with a basic intention of ensuring those who would reap the biggest benefit have the greatest chance of getting the loot. Recipes are open-roll for anyone who can learn the recipe on the spot. Our main loot philosophy is that we'll all eventually get everything we want, so there's no need to gripe about it - there will always be more runs and more purples!

Officers Edit

Lurid, Guildmaster 
Guild leader (alts: Ivan, Vladracul, Vampirus)
Moyra, Vampraetor 
Lurid's right-hand man (alts: Cryss, Xception)
Natema, Vampraetor 
Lurid's left-hand woman (alts: Morrigu, Morgania, Vampiress)

Natema (talk) 23:26, 8 June 2008 (UTC)

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