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Unwanted Council is a friendly casual raiding guild comprised mostly of adults. We follow a need-before-greed loot system for all raiding. Our primary goal is to be a great end-game raiding guild, but to always have fun in the process. We only say we're casual because our members aren't forced to raid as is often the case in most other end-game raiding guilds.

Overview Edit

Guild Progress Edit

Burning Crusade

Pre-Burning Crusade

Complete guild progression documented via Server:Gilneas_US/BC_Progress and Server:Gilneas_US/Prior_Progress.

History Edit

Unwanted Council was created on Gilneas in early 2005. The guild has had the same leader since early 2006.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Raids are scheduled on server time (EST/EDT) 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM.

All high-end raiding done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights.