This article is a guild information page for Until Death Do Us Part of Khadgar US.

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Until Death Do Us Part is an unconventional guild formed by a group of close friends who wanted to break free from the organization of a regular guild. It is more a private chat channel than a guild and new members are only accepted by invitation. Members have stayed together through many other guilds over a long period of time.


A basic guild timeline.

Prey Harder
The Tribunal
Orgrimmar Outcasts
Until Death Do Us Part


Guild history and lore;
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Key MembersEdit

Doomraki - Guild Leader
Disciplined - Co-Leader and Guild Jester
Norp - High Ranking Member
Dresan - High Ranking Member
Leukos - High Ranking Member
Thorgold - High Ranking Member
Evicene - High Ranking Member
Lestar - High Ranking Member
Rupiji - High Ranking Member

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