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Unruly Super Beasts(USB for short) is an end game raiding guild. We have been around since the beginning of WotLK but have become one of the best raiding guilds on the Horde side of moonrunner. Since the guild first came around it was originally a leveling guild until the guild leader Tornstar, as well as the rest of the guild members reached level 80. Once there were enough members we became a raiding guild and soon rose through the ranks. As we began to gain more members we started to expand to not only 10 man raids but 25 mans as well. We currently have three 10 man raid groups running and a 25 man group. Every week these groups go to the most recent end game raids and give their best efforts to gear everyone up and take the bosses down.


Horde 15Horde
Team/Raid Group Naxxramas (10 Man) Naxxramas (25 Man) Obsidian Sanctum(10 man) Obsidian Sanctum(25 man) Eye of Eternity(10 man) Eye of Eternity(25 man) Ulduar(10 man) Ulduar(25 man) Trial of the Crusader Trial of the Grand Crusader Onyxia's Lair(10 man) Onyxia's Lair(25 man)
Team Discovery Channel Cleared N/A Cleared(2D) N/A Cleared N/A Up to Yogg-Saron N/A Cleared N/A Cleared N/A
Unruly Death Squad Cleared N/A Cleared(1D) N/A Cleared N/A Up to Mimiron N/A Not Attempted N/A Not Attempted N/A
The Short Bus Cleared N/A Not Attempted N/A Cleared N/A Up to Auriaya N/A Not Attempted N/A Not Attempted N/A
Joint 25 man Progression N/A Up to Kel'Thuzad N/A Cleared(1D) N/A Not Attempted N/A Up to Kologarn N/A Not Attempted N/A Not Attempted

Raiding GroupsEdit

Group 1- Team Discovery ChannelEdit

Tanks: Deakarstrife, Biatrix

Healers: Shiftrok, Sesom, Zeroelement(Fill in), Archpriest(fill in), Teradruid(Fill in)

Dps: Oohpee, Garskull, Taven, Cryuncle, Desires, Natasix(Fill in)

Group 2- Unruly Death SquadEdit

Tanks: Anihilator, Dethmplosion, Terapaladin(Fill in)

Healers: Thundderage, Zeroelement, Busheschicken(Fill in)

Dps: Margamanthak, Vicariouslyi, Pyromatic, Ox, Terapaladin(Fill in), Thrall(Fill in), Zyclon(Fill in), Visicon(Fill in)

Group 3- Team Short BusEdit

Tanks:Karneth, Floria, Junktion(fill in), Phorpse(fill in)

Healers: Tabena, Jenisha, Forrest(Fill in)

Dps:Achelor, (List is still being compiled)


Applying- If you wish to join the guild or have questions then you can go to our [Website] or whisper Sesom, Lossenfennas, Zombeii, or Ichijou.

What are we looking for?- We are currently looking for Enhance Shamans, and a few priests. Don't let that discourage you though. We won't turn away someone just because. Everyone has a chance.

Noteworthy MembersEdit

Desires- Officer, Chief of DKP

Shiftrok- Officer, Chief Healer

Biatrix- Officer

Oohpee(aka. Naked Dancing Troll)- Officer

Sesom- Officer, Recruitment Officer

Archpriest- Raid Leader

Zeroelement- Raid Leader

Margamanthak- Raid Leader

Banned MembersEdit

Applejooce- Bailing on a raid after 1 wipe.

Divine/Ark- Vulgar comments at GM, innability to heal in Patchwerk.

Baraela- Constant Guild Hopping

Catamon- To young, lying about age, annoying comments in ventrillo.

Axeorcism- Vulgar language, rude comments

Dirtnastie- Very rude, innability to tank.

Mashh- Bailing on raids, undermining authority, poor playing skills.

Mogawon- Greedy, needed one too many "mana buffs."

Moriant, Telissa, Toosmart- Bailing on guild, items taken with intention to leave afterwards.

Morllan- Constant excuses for mistakes, argumentative.

Tidal- Ninja

Angrytoaster- Lying(Two-faced)

Omnipottent- borrowing money without paying back, failure to attend raids and afking often while in one.

Finart- Vent IP spamming

Sokri- AFKing in a bossfight and lying about it, Bailing on raids, undermining authority, poor playing skills.

Zandramus- Making fun of the young, rude comments, anger towards those who say anything about him.

Zeusmango and Zumanga- Rude comments and speech barrier

Manalust- being a troll

Darthlord- "Being able to tank flame leviathin as a paladin", Guild Vault theft, ALL Frost Tank

Itnavy- Life threatening the GM

USB RandomnessEdit


While PvP isn't a main focus of the guild there are a few who enjoy to kick Alliance butt. There are a few arena teams within the guild and some of us are always doin battlegrounds in spare time. Some of the main arena groupings are:

Thunderrage and Archpriest(Won 2nd and 3rd place in the Dire Maul Brawl guild event)

Taven and Lossenfennas

Garskull and Satyricon

Some of our other pvp fans are:

Busheschicken(Champion of the Gurubashi massacre guild event)



Things USB members do for funEdit

-Kite Anachronos from CoT to Orgrimmar.

-Pick on Rukiabankia in ventrillo.

-Yell at Anima about getting Arthas.

-Telling Taven to stfu.

-Telling Garskull to "SHUP Meg!"

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