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Unleashed is a medium-sized PvE Alliance raiding guild based on the Ysera-US server. Having been created just a few hours after the server was opened on March 31st, 2006, Unleashed was one of the first guilds on the server and is still one of the oldest guilds to call Ysera its home. The Guild Master is Minimage, a drunken tyrant who rules Unleashed largely through /gkick threats. The guild’s style of raiding may best be described as casual, but its raid leaders and guild members are dedicated to making progress at raids and seeing the entirety of TBC content before the next expansion.

Though the server of Ysera runs on Eastern Standard Time, Unleashed is a guild that raids later in the evenings and caters to players living in the Pacific Standard Time zone, one of the few guilds on the server to do so. A number of its players come from Mexico and Canada as well as the western United States and Australia.

Unleashed is also notable for having a member who was featured in a Playboy centerfold in 1979.

Unleashed website

Progress Edit

Raids Edit

Raids are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9:45 PM to 2:00 AM server time. Raiders are expected to come fully prepared with flasks, elixirs, food buffs, potions, reagents and weapon buffs. The guild uses a %-based DKP system for distributing loot, and raiders on standby are awarded full DKP for being online and ready to join if needed. Furthermore, Unleashed requires its members to raid pantsless.

As far as the atmosphere goes, raids are usually led by Aldoric, with lots of swearing from Quas and a healthy amount of butt-touching from Bonesetter. Minimage just yells at raiders for not being food-buffed when he isn’t too busy braiding his chest hair.

Guild Leadership Edit

Officers and Class Leads are as follows:

  • Minimage – Guild Leader
  • Aldoric – Warlock CL
  • Quas – Warrior CL
  • Sinfulrose – Priest CL
  • Sauwen – Shaman CL
  • Aranah – Hunter CL
  • Rey – Rogue CL
  • Tarol – Mage CL
  • Pheral – Druid CL
  • Arthurian – Paladin CL

Membership Edit

Unleashed posts its membership needs and current openings on the front page of its web site at; interested parties will find a link to the application there. Unleashed is never recruiting hunters, especially not scrubby ones in blues and greens with dual-Fiery weapon enchants, so stop asking.