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The University has been founded to take on the challenges that the Cataclysm has given. The core group of people are experienced WoW players with some of us being around since BC and having multiple level 85s. We are a very social bunch, as the GM says...What's WoW without the social banter!

You don't have to be a mage to join, we accept any class and role....however mages are extra specially welcome.

Have fun...and clicky clicky to get the cake!

This guild was formed on Azuremyst in June 2011.

History Edit

The university was formed from a band of mages who were unhappy with Daralan politics. The groups values and beliefs were centered less around the arcane study of magic and more toward how those arcane skills could be applied in war and conflict for the good of the Alliance. They were BattleMages!

Thus the university was created to cater for like minded mages and other individuals interested in defending Azeroth and her allies from the Horde and from Deathwing himself!

Recruitment Edit

'University of the Magi is currently recruiting all classes and roles.

  • Min level to enter guild is 10
  • English is the mandatory language for guild chat
  • New players need to be active, active is defined as logging in at least once a week

Whisper Essos or an officer for an interview.

Ranks Edit

Your studies at the University will see you progress through the levels depending on how regular you are and if you contribute to guild (both activities and helping out others):

Arch Mage
First Enchanter
High Magister (Officers)
Initiate (new to guild. You will be promoted once we get to know you. May take hours...or weeks!)

University Rules Edit

  • Try and help others if you can. With questing, dungeons and professions
  • Be polite in guild chat. Excessive swearing (before 9pm), bullying, etc. will not be tolerated
  • No racist/sexist/homophobic behaviour within the guild.
  • No begging for gold in guild chat
  • No asking for boosts in guild chat (Asking for help to do quests in acceptable, asking for just XP and loot is NOT)
  • Three strikes and then you are out. On your third warning you will be kicked.
  • If you are inactive for 1 month, you will be kicked (unless you have told an officer the reason or the character is an alt)
  • Respect the High Magister's and each other

If you are unhappy with a choice that an officer (High Magister) has made, please contact the First Enchanter or the Arch Mage.

Vault rules Edit

  • Take what you need. Not what you can sell or give away.
  • Pay the value of the item into the guild vault. This is the vendor value of an item which is shown when you move your mouse over the item and not the AH price (which is much much higher typically).
  • No grey items please. This is just trash and should be vendored
  • Make sure you do not put in a large quantity of the same item. e.g. 20 wands is no use to the maybe
  • Do not organise the guild vault because its a mess. We have officers to do that
  • Guild repair is there to be used, use it and save your gold
  • Gold donations from level 60+ is always welcome and appreciated

University Council Edit

Arch Mage 
26pxUi-charactercreate-classes mage Essos
First Enchanter 
IconLarge Worgen MaleUi-charactercreate-classes mage Mauthis
High Magisters 
26pxUi-charactercreate-classes druid Falaendor