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About Us Edit

UnityShield U⋅ni⋅ty - a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.

Unity is a Velen guild of mature players with a need to feed our inner raiding demons. Its purpose is to allow members to connect in a tight-knit environment and to have as much fun as possible while pushing end-game content. Our goal: to see and do it all. Our desire: to have a blast doing it.

Our members include both the casual players that spend much of their time with family and other life-events and have limited time to play, as well as hard core players that have many hours a week to devote to the game. Our Patricians are members who've become good in-game friends and whom, without, our game-time just wouldn't be the same. The Legionaires are a dedicated crew of players who spend hours developing their characters, learning class mechanics, and applying their hard-earned knowledge to the guild's efforts in conquering World of Warcraft content.

History Edit

Burning CrusadeEdit

Unity has been on Velen since October 2007.

Unity was formed in October 2007, by Velenslady, to be a guild for her family to play together in World of Warcraft. Velen was selected as some of her real-life friends currently played there. Shortly after creation, Velenslady asked her sister and husband to join them (who had been playing on Smolderthorn since the original World of Warcraft release). These two re-rolled new characters by the name of Ikilledkenny and Kenni (a tank/healing team) and started leveling. IKK and Kenni outpaced Velenslady and soon hit 70 not long after joining. Once at the level cap and having prior end-game raiding experience, IKK and Kenni started gathering friends around them to begin raiding Karahzan - taking down Attunement for the first time Jan. 5, 2008 and clearing with Prince just 15 days later. Unity then moved into Gruul's and Zul'aman, taking down their first ZA boss Feb. 3.

During their rapid summer progression, Velenslady decided to step down as GM of Unity and hand the reins to Kenni who had been (up till then) running the raiding majority of the guild. Velenslady and family created a sister guild (Trinity) to continue her goals of the family guild focused on character development and questing while Unity continued their focus of end-game progression. On March 15, 2011 Kenni stepped down as GM of Unity and named Mortemir as her replacement.

Eventually, Unity cleared SSC, TK, 3/5 Hyjal, and 4/9 Black Temple before the Wrath of the Lich King patch nerfed raid difficulties. Unity continued raiding through the end of October gaining successful full clears of both Hyjal and Black Temple respectively.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Unity welcomed the launch of WotLK Nov. 13 with overwhelming enthusiasm. With high numbers online around the clock, several members achieved server firsts as well as set the tone of leveling and Heroic'ing for the rest of the guild. Unity stepped into their first 10-man Naxx run Nov. 25 and cleared the place for the first time Dec. 11. As more of the membership hit 80, Unity formed their first Heroic Naxx team Dec. 6 and finished Kel'Thas Jan. 5 after an extended holiday break.

Unity took down 10-man Malygos Jan. 16 and the very next night saw the conquering of the Heroic version of the fight. With all content clear and waiting for the next content expansion, Unity members were actively working on raid and personal achievements along with leveling their many alts.

Unity completed their first Sartharion kill with three drakes up on March 15th, 2009. While not the server first, Unity was the second alliance guild on Velen-us to complete this.

Unity cleared Ulduar up to Yogg on 25-man mode and took out Algalon in the 10-man version. With the release of the Trial of the Crusader and ToGC, Unity has seen full clears off both 10-man regular, 10-man heroic, 25-man regular, and is working on Anub'arak in 25-man heroic.

Server FirstsEdit

Rakimallah: First person on the realm to achieve 450 skill in enchanting earned on 11-18-2008.
Dresnar: First person on the realm to achieve 450 skill in leatherworking earned on 11-19-2008. First draenei on the realm to achieve level 80 earned on 11-16-2008.
Javabro: First person on the realm to achieve 450 skill in tailoring earned on 11-24-2008. First human on the realm to achieve level 80 earned on 11-16-2008.

Leadership Edit

Guild Master/Imperator


Raiding Edit

BC Progression Edit

WotLK Progression Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

5pm PST to 8pm PST

Recruitment Edit


Unity, Alliance Velen US, has limited recruitment. You can submit an application on our website and we'll contact you if you seem Unity material or we have a current opening for your class. Otherwise your application will be kept on file until such time an opening becomes available.

If you don't love to raid - and the work entailed therein - this is not the guild for you. If you can't maintain patience and a positive attitude in a raiding environment, and aren't receptive to criticism, this is not the place for you.

If you're as fanatical as we are about conquering end-game raid content, and enthusiastic about working to achieve that end, you'll fit in well here.

We're interested in exceptional, well-geared and experienced raiders who are looking to devote serious time and effort into progression raiding. Ulduar gear and experience are a must. Applicants should also, at the very minimum, have killed a few bosses from this zone. If this sounds like the guild for you, please feel free to visit

Once there, go through our Unity Guidebook, read our policies, and then if we still seem like a group of folks you would like to down bosses and spend time with ... throw us an application.

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