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Unholy are an Australian based guild in the popular video game World of Warcraft.
The guild plays on the Horde side of the Oceanic Server:Thaurissan US realm. Raids are generally scheduled during the Australian evenings(AEST) which is usually between 8pm and 11pm server time (AEST).

External links: Guild Website, Guild Forums

Guild HistoryEdit

The guild was originally formed under the leadership of Mastema in early 2005 as the Unholy Evangelists. Following the collapse of Blades of Light, a large number of the BoL members that did not make it into Frenzy joined the Unholy Evangelists and as they leveled up, turned UE into a PvE raiding guild. Our first 40 man raid was Molten Core in an alliance with Band of Hawks, Teh ABK and Lords of Gorgonnash which was very successful, but as we gained numbers we eventually split off and raided on our own. The rest is history.

Recently due to a lack of Oceanic time players to recruit from on Server:Gorgonnash US and the low prospects for cross-server recruitment, we transferred to the new PvP Oceanic server of Server:Thaurissan US, which has reinvigorated our raid group with fresh blood.

PvE Content ProgressionEdit

Guild progression can be tracked on the Thaurissan Guild Progression page.

Current LeadershipEdit

  • Katalia
  • Wretched
  • Mykal
  • Laserbeam
  • Branga
  • Saba
  • Quigon
  • Kakaze
  • Ordieth

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