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General Information Edit

Formed September 28 through October 2nd 2010 Alliance side on the US-Elune server, we are recruiting for our 10 & 25 man raids.

Undying Resolution is a semi-hardcore guild on the Alliance US Elune server recruiting for our 25 man raid group. We strive to create a raid atmosphere that pushes progression in a reduced amount of time, where members sign up in advance for raids and prepare ahead of time to reduce the amount of time needed to learn an encounter. We understand that people have families, jobs, and lives outside of the raid, but we also expect our members to communicate with us about those potential absences. We work to progressively raid and clear PvE content, striving to clear content while content is still current.

Undying Resolution Mission Statement

The Mission Statement can be clearly defined by the following objectives:

  • To raid in an atmosphere that pushes progression in a reduced amount of time. The goal is to clear content, while content is current.
  • To maintain a guild with strong communication between members & officers, a guild where members are required to sign up in advance, where absences are required to be posted and where raiders are required to prepare ahead for raid encounters.
  • To have fun and enjoy the friendships that are formed within the guild, where we maintain an accepting and open atmosphere that is conducive to achieving our goals.

Guild progress Edit

Mists of Pandaria

Tier 14 Content - Check out GuildOx or WoWProgress [1]


Tier 13 Content - 8H/8H

Tier 12 Content - 7/7

Tier 11 Content - 12/12

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Wednesday 8-11:00 EST/Server - 25 Man
  • Thursday 8-11:00 EST/Server - 25 Man
  • Sunday 8-11:00 EST/Server - 25 man

Officers Edit

For more information please feel free to contact any of the following guild officers.

Ranico, Co-Guildmaster
Mindalen, Co-Guildmaster
Malchome, Officer
Lissanna, Officer
Zweibel, Officer
Ariano, Officer

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