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This article is a guild information page for Undying Brethren of Garithos US.

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Horde 32 Undying Brethren
Name Undying Brethren
Server Garithos US
Levels 80
Type PvE
Website Undying Brethren Undying Brethren @ Garithos

Undying Brethren (uB) is a Horde guild on the Garithos server that has killed all 10 and 25 man bosses in Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, and Eye of Eternity. We are currently working on 10 and 25 man Algalon the Observer in Ulduar.

Wrath of the Lich King

Done Naxxramas 10Done Obsidian Sanctum 10Done Eye of Eternity 10Undone Ulduar 10
Done Arachnid Quarter(12/1/08)Done Sartharion(12/3/08)Done Malygos(12/23/08)Done Siege(4/23/09)
Done Plague Quarter(12/1/08)Done +1 Drake(1/2/09) Done Antechamber  (4/17/09)
Done Military Quarter(12/1/08)Done +2 Drakes(3/11/09) Done Keepers(4/23/09)
Done Construct Quarter  (12/1/08)Done +3 Drakes(3/11/09) Done Madness(5/3/09)
Done Frostwyrm Lair(12/1/08) Undone Algalon
Done Naxxramas 25Done Obsidian Sanctum 25Done Eye of Eternity 25Undone Ulduar 25
Done Arachnid Quarter(12/22/08)Done Sartharion(1/2/09)Done Malygos(2/23/09)Done Siege(4/21/09)
Done Plague Quarter(12/22/08)Done +1 Drake(2/23/09) Done Antechamber  (4/20/09)
Done Military Quarter(12/22/08)Done +2 Drakes(3/2/09) Done Keepers(5/4/09)
Done Construct Quarter  (12/30/08)Done +3 Drakes(3/16/09) Done Madness(5/12/09)
Done Frostwyrm Lair(1/2/09) Undone Algalon

The Burning Crusade

Done Gruul's LairUndone Magtheridon's LairDone Serpentshrine CavernDone The EyeUndone Battle for Mount HyjalUndone Black TempleUndone Sunwell Plateau
Done High King Maulgar(12/15/07)Undone MagtheridonDone Hydross the Unstable(1/8/08)Done Al'ar(1/15/08)Done Rage Winterchill  (2/28/08)Undone High Warlord Naj'entusUndone Kalecgos
Done Gruul the Dragonkiller  (12/15/07) Done The Lurker Below(1/8/08)Done Void Reaver(1/15/08)Done Anetheron(3/1/08)Undone SupremusUndone Brutallus
Done Leotheras the Blind(1/25/08)Done High Astromancer Solarian  (1/27/08)Done Kaz'rogal(3/10/08)Undone Shade of AkamaUndone Felmyst
Done Fathom-Lord Karathress  (1/25/08)Done Kael'thas Sunstrider(2/21/08)Done Azgalor(3/13/08)Undone Teron GorefiendUndone Eredar Twins
Done Morogrim Tidewalker(1/12/08) Undone ArchimondeUndone Gurtogg BloodboilUndone M'uru
Done Lady Vashj(2/11/08) Undone Reliquary of SoulsUndone Kil'jaeden
Undone Mother Shahraz
Undone Illidari Council
Undone Illidan Stormrage

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