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Description Edit

The Umbral Advent is a Horde RP guild, found on the Feathermoon (US) Server. Its focus is on camaraderie and social interactions, as well as roleplaying, much more than on endgame progression. The Umbral Advent is in fact one of the oldest guilds on the server, founded on December 28, 2004.

Raels of the Umbral Advent, Kaylia of The Brotherhood of Dusk, and Rakor of the Orgrimmar Marauders formed an intra-guild alliance in 2005, and the collective group became known as "UDM."

Guild chat is 100% in character; officer channel is used for OOC discussions. The guild also maintains an in-character channel for their friends. Guild recruiting contacts include Raels, Bregdark and Okrth. Recruits are advised to spend time getting to know guild members via the invitation-only in-character channel.

The guild has held several RP events, including scavenger hunts, feasts, and drinking contests. Their guild initiations are typically held in the Throne Room above the Undercity.

As of September of 2009, the guild leader is Bregdark, who took over from Okrth, following the release of Wrath. Okrth in turn had succeeded guild founder Raels.

Most of the level-80 members of the guild participate in a weekly raid of 10-person content.

Resources Edit

Guild Site

Guild Roster (Wow Armory)

Guild Roster (Warcraft Realms)

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