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~~~Quote from the U N I T Y website:~~~ "UNITY is a Guild that formed out of a group of friends and players that were frustrated in their previous Guilds, for many reasons.

The Guild is quite social, fun loving, free, and pretty unrestricted. We do also require a certain amount of participation and energy to be committed to the Raids, such as being on time and available for them.

Even though UNITY is laid back and quite social, we still do have your general courtesy rules of course.

UNITY is run by its Officers, this way providing as much support as we can to the needs of the members in the Guild. We hope that it is a system that it is found to be fair to all who join us here, as the main aim is to encourage as much participation as possible from all our Guild Members who want to have input in the Guild."

This guild was formed on the 23rd of April 2006.

Guild ProgressEdit

Karazhan farm status
Gruul's Lair farm status
Zul'Amen farm status
Magtheridon's Lair farm status
Serpentshrine Cavern - Killed all but Lady Vashj (5/6)
Tempest Keep The Eye - Killed all but Kael (3/4)
Hyjal Summit 3/5
The Black Temple Not Started


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