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Hello Everyone. If you are reading this you are probably interested in learning about our guild. We are a raiding guild with progression on our minds, but we also have a number of casual players. We are a fun, mature group of people who share a love for this game.

Below are answers to some questions you might have about Twilight’s Fury.

When does TF raid? Edit

Official raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, 8pm-11:30pm and 12-3am (all server times). On off days, we can easily be found finishing off a Kara alt run, or messing around in some Old World instance.

How’s TF’s Progression? Edit

We can do Kara in our sleep (I’m not kidding look at that 12am-3am run!) High King and Gruul are cake, Voidreaver and Lurker are down and we're halfway to Zul'jin!

Normal tfvoidreaverTflurker

Loot? Edit

Yes, you will be getting some, and no, we do not use DKP. Obviously a new Fury will not be out-rolling a 3-year TF raiding veteran on a first run. We pass out loot to our core of established raiders (called “Fury Raiders”) before passing it to casual or new raiders. That said, our Fury Raiders have most of what they want, so newcomers often find themselves with more epics than they know what to do with . TF’s loot system benefits both new and veteran raiders with few complaints. We are one of the most newcomer-friendly raiding guilds in WoW.

Fury Raiders? Edit

This group is not the typical exclusive set of elites. ANY skilled player can be promoted to Fury Raider simply by raiding consistently and effectively for a couple of months.

Will TF help people get attuned and Kara ready? Edit

Probably. We will not interrupt our raids to run you through SV, but it’s not uncommon to see Fury Raiders leading new 70s to BM to finish up an attunement. If you need help, of course you should ask but know that we expect guildies to be competent enough to level and progress independently. We are a helpful group of players and almost always come through for guildies, but if for some reason you have no takers, know what to do.

What if I can’t raid for three hours on weekdays? Edit

If you can get gear through heroic instances, we are more than happy to take you into raids on Sundays. During off-raid hours, there are generally several heroic groups running for gear and rep.

Recruitment Edit

Now that you know a little more about us, review our complete guild rules to see if Twilight’s Fury is the place for you. If you like what you read, go our website at

Videos Edit

Voidreaver 1st Kill

TF Compilation

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