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Twilight Chaos is a raiding guild.

This guild was formed on Hellscream. It is a social raiding guild that tries to pair serious raiding with not so serious gameplay. The guild is currently running both 10 and 25 man content, with a focus towards progression. Whilst not a 'hardcore' guild, it does take raiding seriously.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by a core group of friends from Dark Army. Founding members are officers with a Guild Council leadership style.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 20:00 Server

Currently working on Ulduar 10 & 25 and Trial of the Crusader 10.

Guild rules Edit

Guild Raids You will be Expected to turn up for raids at least 10 minuts before the Stated start time having watched all videos of the boss encounters for that raid, you must also be fully repaired and have all items needed for the duration of the raid ie: potions, Reagents, poisons etc. You should only accept Raid invites if you are sure you can stay until the desegnated finishing time.

In addition, we expect a good standard of behaviour on the server. This includes /2 Trade and in any pugs.

Twilight Chaos' modified DKP system: There are three different groups of DPK which we have:

  • Armour Points (used for Armour Drops)
  • Tier Points (used for Tier Drops)
  • Weapon/Trinket Points (used for Weapons/Trinket Drops)

It's as simple as that.

When you attended a Raid from start to finish, you will be awarded 150 DKP points, 50 in each category. You will then be awarded a further 150 points for each continuation run up to a maximum of 3 runs, (1 Main run and 2 continuation runs) totalling 450 points per week if you attend all 3 runs.

If you are on standby you will be asked to make yourself available from the start of the Raid to the end, just in case someone drops out unexpectedly and you are needed to fill the spot. You will be awarded 75 points (25 in each category) for being on standby and are not needed to join the Raid, However if you are needed at any point throughout the raid you will be awarded full points for joining.

How It Works When an item drops instead of rolling for it, the Raid Leader will look at the points for that category of item i.e.: armour ; tier ; weapon/trinket and whoever has the highest amount of points wins it (If they need it). If a player has more points than another but he /she does not need that item the item automatically goes to the player with the next highest amount of points - and so on and so forth. If 2 players need an item and have the same amount of points then it is decided by rolling for it.

Each Item won costs 50 points in the relevant category. In the event that nobody wants an item for main spec then you will be allowed to roll for offspec costing no points (Main spec is the spec that you are Raiding with at that time, unless permission has been given by the raid for you to roll on another spec Before the raid has started).

Officers Edit

Regus, Guildmaster Protection Warrior
Razziel, Officer Priest
Taralackveed, Officer Holy Paladin
Helladin, Officer Tank Death Knight
Garnett, Officer Hunter
Aneezor, Officer Death Knight
Dritz, Officer Mage
Lausus, Officer Druid
Orgrom, Raid leader DPS Warrior
Jaffazz, Raid Leader Protection/Holy Paladin

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