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Twilight Aeternus is a growing guild on the Frostmane US server. Its core leadership is based in Seattle, where the seven Guild Leaders meet on a regular basis to discus guild concerns. The guild has a unique theme influenced by the Kabbalah, adopting for its ranks the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy.

Twilight Aeternus promotes itself as a casual, mature guild that welcomes diversity. To help ensure that game play is fun the guild does have a Code of Ethics that members are required to read and follow. The focus of the guild is in both PVE and PVP content, this is a reflection of their goals of diversity. Additional goals of Twilight Aeternus include being courteous and helpful to other players in the realm by aiding them with questing, problems with the alliance, and general sharing of information.

At present Twilight Aeternus is accepting new members to the guild provided that they read and adhere to the guild CoE. As a part of their guild structure they will be attempting to fill their Class Officer ranks with competent experienced players in the very near future. Recruitment is open for all other classes and PVE/PVP interest. And, new members must complete a 30 day initiation period. Please contact any of the Guild Leaders or visit the guild webpage for more information.

Guild Leaders: "The Chayot"


Twilight Aeternus is presently farming 10 man Naxx, OS, and Vault. Will possibly be expanding to 25 man content in the future.


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