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Twìlíght is a casual PvE-oriented guild on the Alexstrasza PvE realm of the Rampage battlegroup and was formed in March of 2006.

Guild Recruitment Edit

Current status of our recruitment can be viewed on our website and forum TWGuild Forum.

Guild Progress Edit

As a guild we make it a policy not to publicly display or measure our PvE progress. You can view our latest boss kill screenshots however on our website.

Guild History Edit

Twilight was formed officially on March 11, 2007. This makes us the oldest Alliance guild on the Alexstrasza server and one of the oldest on the entire realm. The name was decided upon as a reference to the Twilight cultist sections of the game at a time when there was little mention of them in the Original release of WoW.

We ARE NOT affiliated with, a reference to, or inspired by the books or movies about Vampires in ANY way.

The guild was formed with a group of people who were unhappy with the favoritism and corruption that tends to exist in large scale raiding guilds. As a result they broke off and formed a guild that would allow people to progress and experience PvE raiding content without the pressures of having to attend a regular raiding schedule just to be admitted to a run or win items. A guild that fostered a successful raiding atmosphere as well as a family/friend atmosphere was the result.

Guild Rules Edit

  • A detailed listing of our guild policies and rules can be viewed at TWGuild Charter
  • A breakdown of our loot rules and guidelines can also be viewed at TWGuild Loot Rules

Active Guild leaders Edit

  • Shadowwolf, GM
  • Capn, Officer
  • Fleecy, Officer
  • Kothnok, Officer
  • Tyban, Officer

Lost Members Memorial Edit

Like any guild, Twilight has lost a share of people who have come and gone in the game but there are some folks who were taken from us against their we will always honor.

TWGuild - In Memory Of...

  • Malodorus - Lost during a raid in Tempest Keep in April of 2008 to a gunshot wound.
  • Sistershami (Mary) - Lost to terminal cancer in 2010.

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