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Overwiev Edit

Realm: Frostmane EU

Faction: Horde


Scandinavian raiding guild formed in January 2007

History Edit

Turbo was formed by Exneh and some friends as a casual-like raiding guild at the start of TBC in January 2007. As we progressed, we got more and more into raiding, but summer came and many people found other things to do. But we came back strong. And now here we are, ending up killing Illidan Stormrage as #6 on the realm and as Horde #3. Currently we are farming BT and Hyjal and waiting for the Sunwell patch.

PVE-progress Edit

Karazhan: 16.04.07

Gruul's Lair: 08.05.07

Magtheridon: 03.06.07

Serpentshrine Cavern: 16.09.07

Tempest Keep: 07.10.07

Mount Hyjal: 11.11.07

Black Temple: 10.12.07

Sunwell Plateau: 1/6

Officers and other noticable members Edit

IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Shaman Exneh - Guildmaster and raidleader. Known for always failing and dieing on Supremus.

IconSmall BloodElf2 FemaleIconSmall Paladin Pehson - Officer. Known for being the fastest decurser in Turbo, always topping the meters by huge numbers.

IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Warrior Firm - Officer and the maintank of the guild.

IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Shaman Nazreth - Officer.

IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Priest Enim - Officer. Known for his hatred towards all druids. Played pre-TBC as the gnome female mage Enim in Memento Mori.

IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Hunter Barrem - Notoriously known in the guild for his ninja-pulls and sheepbreaking Multi-Shots. Is rumored to have atleast 10 keys bound to Multi-Shot.

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