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Tsunamii, is a well organized guild raiding in ICC. They are currently seeking new, experienced raiders to join their core 25-man team for upcoming raids, as well as an additional 10 man team for Icecrown Citadel. Tsunamii's raiding schedule is 7pm to 10pm server time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Guild recruitment is based on the level of gear, their dps, their achievements, and other factors. If you have some of these that fit the standards we welcome you to join and raid with us.

For more information visit the guild website

for in-game questions please contact Silentwolf or Glyphers

Guild Progression

  • OS+3D - completed
  • Totc 10/25 - completed
  • ToGC 10 - completed
  • ICC 10 - group 1 is on the Lich King and Hardmodes
  • Group 2 - is on the Lich King
  • Group 3 - Progressing on Sindra
  • ICC 25 - Progressing on Sindra

Tsunamii killshot