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Transcendent of Doomhammer is a guild that has swelled and diminished many times over the 4 years of World of Warcraft. Originally founded shortly after release by Dragothalas - it was meant to be a refuge from the ever-present guild drama and power-struggles. In its golden era it was the #4 guild on Doomhammer, but since then has taken a more modest standing.

After many incarnations, Transcendent now exists with a very simple philosophy. Members do their best to rise above things like greed, jealousy, and self-obsession. Drago himself took a year to reach 60 in the first place - having more often found him running through the Deadmines with a recruit, than Dire Maul with his cohorts.

If you have any questions regarding Transcendent, you may message anyone in the guild directly, or simply "/join transcendent" which is a channel where we communicate with friends from many places.

Lastly it should be noted that the following players have put hours of selfless effort into the guild, and they are why it is what it is today:

Odif,Fauvallia,Illmenite,Pyrhotite,Triksie,Wooket,Pathius,Physiol,Chalcopyrite, and many, many more.

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